RAYMOND – Nita Burchfield often finds herself teaching more than just profits and losses in her Business Administration classes on the Raymond Campus.

“I’ve come in contact with students in my class who don’t have much of a support system at home,” Burchfield said. “So, I’ve taken an active interest in the lives of my students to help them succeed.”

Registration for the spring 2021 semester is now open for current and prospective students at Hinds Community College. Classes are offered on-campus and online in 16-week, 15-week, eight-week, and four-week formats. On-campus classes begin January 11, and online classes begin Jan. 19. Even more classes will begin February, March and April.

Burchfield, of Clinton, a former girls basketball coach at Clinton High School, returned to the teaching profession in 2013 after several years in law enforcement. She sees her mission as a teacher to show them all possible paths their lives can take, then show them the best way possible.

“When you look at touching students’ lives, I take pride in helping students even in small ways, like helping them get organized in their studies,” she said. “And when you touch one life, you think it’s just that single event.

“But, through the students I help, you help them learn how to network. You also give them the opportunity to feel that hope in their lives. It sounds cheesy, but when you see it happen in front of you, it’s hard to deny it. I feel it makes me a better teacher.”

To register for classes for any term, students must first be admitted to the college and advised by a Hinds counselor either in-person or remotely. After being advised, students can then register for classes. Offices are open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with extended office hours on the following dates: January 4—7, January 11—14, January 19, and January 26.

For enrollment assistance, call 1-800-HINDSCC or visit www.hindscc.edu/enroll

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