Hinds Community College student Trevor Jordan started out as a dually enrolled student from East Rankin Academy.

He had significant university scholarship offers but would have still needed student loans. “The thought of going into debt at 18 years old for college made me rethink,” he said, calling the idea “unsettling.”

Instead, he enrolled at Hinds’ Rankin Campus because he got enough scholarship dollars to cover his expenses.

“As it happens, I’m certainly glad I chose Hinds because I’ve had the good fortune to have some of the best instructors in their fields. These are faculty who care about their students and really know their ‘stuff,’ ” Jordan said. “And as a biology and premed major, some of that ‘stuff’ is very challenging. It does go a long way with me that students and their success are a top priority on their campus, and it shows in the attitude of the faculty and administration.”

Trevor Jordan

Trevor Jordan

Jordan is among more than 11,000 credit students who choose one of Hinds’ six locations each semester. Registration is ongoing for the spring semester that begins on Jan. 11 for on-campus classes and on Jan. 19 for online classes. Current students can enroll in classes at www.hindscc.edu. New students must speak to a counselor first after enrolling; application information is found under the Admissions tab.

The Rankin Campus Jordan attends will be adding a full-fledged Honors program, along with the program on the Raymond Campus, in fall 2016 with some course offerings beginning in the spring 2016 semester that begins in January.

In his time at Hinds, Jordan has been active in Phi Theta Kappa, the two-year college honor society, “which has opened even more doors for me.”

“I’ve learned leadership skills through being a chapter officer, and I’ve been of service to the college and the community through the chapter services and college projects. PTK has given me the opportunity to be involved and work alongside other students for worthy causes,” he said.

The bonus: He has a guaranteed PTK transfer scholarship for his next step after his May 2016 graduation.

“My future is certainly brighter because of my time at Hinds. I know Hinds has prepared me well for any school of my choosing. Hinds has been the best place for me to learn the things, both academically and personally, I will need to know wherever I end up.”

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