Testing Procedure & Scores

Placement is Mandatory

Placement is mandatory for all degree seeking students whose declared program of study is academic or technical. Upon his/her first registration at Hinds every student subject to mandatory placement must have complete ACT scores on file, or he/she must take placement tests to determine if developmental courses are required for success in traditional college courses. ACT scores or placement test results are used to determine if a student must enroll in one or more developmental courses, and if so, at what point he/she must begin.

All such students are required to enroll initially in all prescribed developmental courses and must continue to enroll each semester in all consecutive prescribed developmental courses. A student’s developmental Mathematics prescription is fulfilled when he/she reaches the first Math course required in his/her declared program of study. A student’s developmental English prescription is fulfilled with the successful completion of ENG 0123, and a student’s Reading prescription is fulfilled with the successful completion of REA 0133 .

All prescribed developmental courses must be satisfactorily completed with a grade of “C” or better. In unusual circumstances, a student may score sufficiently high on the exit criteria to by-pass the next developmental course. In such cases, the student’s placement level will be entered into the College database to reflect the higher level; however, he/she will receive credit only for the developmental course in which he/she originally enrolled for that term.

For initial placement purposes, the following ACT, Next-Generation ACCUPLACER and/or Placement scores will be used to place students in the following courses. See below for complete requirements about placement in Developmental Studies.


Course Order Placement Level ACT Subscore ACCUPLACER Score
English 0113 1 1-13 200-230
English 0123 2 14-16 231-244
English Comp I 1113 or Technical English 1033 3 17+ 245-300


Course Order Placement Level ACT Subscore ACCUPLACER Score
Beginning Algebra (MAT 0123 or MAT 0124) 1 & 2 1-15 200-224
Intermediate Algebra (MAT 1233 or 1234)* 3 16-18 225-244
College Algebra (Math 1313)* or Quantitative Reasoning (MAT 1753) or Technical Mathematics (MAT 1033) 4 19+ 245-300


Course Order Placement Level ACT Subscore ACCUPLACER Score
Reading 0123 1 & 2 1-12 200-230
Reading 0133 3 13-16 231-245
Placement Level 4 4 17+ 246-300


Course Order Placement Level ACT Subscore ACCUPLACER Score
ENG 0111/LLS 0113 1 3 developmental classes take & pass course/lab
ENG 0121/LLS 0123 2 2 developmental classes take & pass course/lab

Advanced Math

Course Order ACT Subscore
MAT 1323 (Trigonometry) 22+
MAT 1343 (Pre-calculus) 22+
MAT 1513 (Business Calculus 1) 22+
MAT 1613 (Calculus 1) 26+
MAT 1723 (Real Number System) 22+
MAT 1733 (Geometry Measurement & Probability) 22+
MAT 1753 (Quantitative Reasoning) 19+
MAT 2323 (Statistics) 22+

Placement levels and ACCUPLACER scores are N/A


  • (a) Or recommendation of instructor
  • (b) Students in certain career/technical programs may take these two courses
  • (c) College transferable course (not developmental)

* Honors English Composition


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