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Complete the Online Application for Admission to Hinds Community College. Be sure to write MLT or Medical Laboratory Technology for FIELD OF STUDY. Incomplete applications may not be considered. ACT scores and high school transcripts should be sent at the same time or as soon as available. Transfer students will need to send official transcripts with the latest grade information.

Admission decisions will begin in the spring semester and continue until the first day of class in August or until the maximum number of 20 students are accepted. Application for this program should be sent to Hinds Community College Office of Admissions at the following address:

Hinds Community College
Nursing/Allied Health Center
1750 Chadwick Drive
Jackson, MS 39204-3490

For further information, call the Office of Admissions and Records at 601.376.4810 or 601.857.3212.

In addition to the general admission requirements, the MLT Program has specific program admission requirements as follows:

  1. Application for Admission to Hinds Community College.
  2. Application for Selection to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program.
  3. Validation of high school graduation by official high school transcript or high school equivalency transcript (GED®, HiSET®, or TASC).
  4. 4. Official transcripts from all colleges attended, except Hinds Community College.
  5. ACT composite score of 18 (15, if taken prior to October 1989).
  6. Applicant must be eligible to take College Algebra (MAT 1313) and English Composition I (ENG 1113) as determined by the Hinds Community College mandatory Testing and Placement procedure.
  7. Overall GPA of 2.5 on transferable college credits or GPA of 2.5 on high school work (if no transferable college credits are available).
  8. Science courses taken prior to admission must have been completed with a "C" or above and within five years of entering the first MLT class (Effective July 1, 2012).
  9. Math courses taken prior and after admission to the program must have a grade of "C" or above.

Process for Selection

  1. Preference will be given to applicants who complete the application procedure by Match 31.
  2. Individuals who have submitted all required admission documents by the specified deadline will be considered for program admission based on a rating scale that includes: ACT Composite Score; ACT sub-scores; previous certificates/degrees and GPA.
  3. Applicants not selected for a class may reapply for subsequent classes by submitting a new Application for Selection to the Medical Laboratory Technology Program.

Selection Ranking Criteria

ACT Ranking

ACT Composite or Sub-score Taken before 10/89* Points Taken after 10/89

  • 17 or less 0 points 14 or less
  • 18-19 1 point 15-16
  • 20-21 2 points 17-18
  • 22-23 3 points 19-20
  • 24-25 4 points 21-22
  • 26-27 5 points 23-24
  • 28-29 6 points 25-26
  • 30 or greater 7 points 27 or greater

*Note: Applicants testing before October 1989 must retake the ACT to obtain the reading sub-score.

If rating discrimination is required for applicants who have the same rating score, program admission will be based on the composite ACT. If further discrimination is needed the ACT sub-scores in reading will be utilized.

Certificate/Degree Ranking

CERTIFICATE / DEGREE (Can only receive credit for highest degree)

Phlebotomy Certificate
1 point
Health Related Technical Certificate 1 point
Associate Degree 2 points
Bachelor Degree 3 points
Masters Degree 4 points
GPA Calculation for Ranking

The GPA used in the ranking process will be calculated from either the high school transcript or 12 hours of the MLT core curriculum depending if the candidate has college coursework.

GPA - used for HS or 12 hours MLT core

2 points
4 points
6 points
8 points
10 points

Medical Laboratory Technology Program of Study

Please Note

  • Science courses no older than 5 years of entering the first Medical Laboratory Technology course.
  • Submitting information to other Hinds Community College locations will delay the processing of the applicant's file.
  • The applicant must submit a College Approved Health Form, completed and signed by a physician, confirming that he/she is of good health and possesses the required physical abilities to function satisfactorily within the program and occupation. Drug screening and a criminal background check will be required as part of the physical exam.
  • In order to progress in the MLT program, a grade of C or better is required in all MLT and general academic courses.
  • All MLT students must be CPR certified by the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Program before entering clinical training. Classes are offered at the Nursing/Allied Health Center.