Dental Assisting Technology


Dental Assisting Technology is a career for individuals who enjoy patient contact, flexible hours, and the security of employable skills. It is ideal for the high school graduate seeking a stable career, the parent looking for a profession to coordinate with family responsibilities, or the adult searching for a second career choice.

After twelve months of training, the Dental Assisting graduate is prepared to assist the dentist at chairside, perform minor lab procedures, expose and develop radiographs, manage the front office, plus a variety of other skills.

Students who successfully complete the Dental Assisting program at Hinds Community College are eligible to sit for the national certification exam offered by the Dental Assisting National Board.

Scope of Practice

Please review the Mississippi State Board of Dental Examiner’s list of allowable and prohibited activities for dental assistants in the state of MS.

Courses Are Offered At These Locations


For a complete list of courses, please see our college catalog.

Admission Requirements

It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide the required data to:

Hinds Community College
Nursing/Allied Health Center
Office of Admissions
1750 Chadwick Drive
Jackson, MS 39204-3490

Submitting the information to any other Hinds Community College location will delay the processing of your file.


  • Application for Admission to Hinds Community College
  • Application for Selection submitted to Dental Assisting Technology
  • Validation of high school graduation by official high school transcript or high school equivalency transcript (GED®, HiSET®, TASC™, or Mississippi Competency-Based High School Equivalency). (For currently enrolled high school students, an updated transcript, validating high school graduation, will be required prior to beginning the program.)
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended, except Hinds Community College
  • ACT composite of 18 (15 prior to 10/1989)
  • Must be 18 years of age by the 2nd semester of the program

Selection Process

  • Fall applications will be available March 1st thru July 31st. Spring applications will be available September 1st thru January 1st.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who complete the application procedure by April 15th for fall admission and by October 15th for spring admission.
  • Individuals who have submitted all required admission documents will be considered for program admission based on a rating scale that includes: ACT composite score; ACT Math and Reading subscores; highest previous certificate or degree; and military experience.
  • Applicants selected into the program are required to attend a scheduled orientation session.
  • Applicants not selected for a class may reapply for subsequent classes by submitting a new Application for Selection to the Dental Assisting Technology Program.

Process for Selection for Transfer Admission

  • Requirements for transfer of credit courses are explained in the Catalog under Transfer Students.
  • The Dental Assisting Technology program does not accept transfer credit for Dental Assisting Technology courses.
  • Dental Assisting Technology courses may not transfer to other colleges.
  • Some colleges may accept Hinds Community College Dental Assisting Technology coursework for transfer, if the student satisfactory completes the Dental Assisting Technology program and has current CDA certification.


What is the difference between dental assisting and dental hygiene?
Too often, dental assisting and dental hygiene are spoken of interchangeably. Although both careers involve working in the dental field, each job requires its specific educational requirements and alter their limitations and duties chairside. Dental assistants can be thought of very much like a dental nurse. Assistants work chairside with a variety of procedures, including implants, extractions, crown preparations, composite and amalgam restorations, root canals, and much more. Dentists rely on a confident and knowledgeable assistant to ensure all patients are cared for properly and that treatment runs smoothly. Dental assisting is a fast-paced, challenging, but most importantly rewarding field.

The information found on the All Allied Health Schools site may help answer any further questions you have about the differences between assisting and hygiene.

Does Hinds offer a hygiene program?
No. Hinds Community College has a dental assisting program located on the Nursing Allied Health Campus in Jackson, MS.

What are the prerequisites required for entrance into the dental assisting program at Hinds Community College?
Each applicant must have an official high school diploma or GED and a score of at least an 18 on the ACT. If you have completed any college courses, Hinds will need the transcripts from those schools as well.

When can I apply?
Our program is a three-semester program that can either be started in August or January of each year. We do not have a deadline for applications, but we do have what is referred to as a preferred date for each semester. All applicants that have applied by the preference date will be called first for admission into the program. The preference dates are as follows: April 15th for fall admissions and October 15th for spring admissions.

How long is the dental assisting program?
The dental assisting program is three consecutive semesters. If you begin classes in the Fall semester, you will graduate at the end of July. If you begin classes in the Spring, you will graduate at the end of December.

Are there any males in the dental assisting program?
Yes! Hinds Community College prides itself on maintaining a diverse and accepting environment for our students. Not only have we had many males complete our program, but we have had many nontraditional students as well. We are excited to accept anyone into our program that is passionate about dental assisting and has an eagerness to learn.

Program Accreditation

The program in Dental Assisting is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. The Commission is a specialized accrediting body recognized by the United States Department of Education. The Commission on Dental Accreditation can be contacted at (312) 440-4653 or at 211 East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-2678. The Commission’s web address is:

Gainful Employment


Valeria L. Winston, MPH, DrPH.
Program Director
Jamesha Walker, B.S.
Dental Assisting Instructor
Program Entry Navigators
Cooper McCachren
Nursing and Allied Health Center Advisor
Christie Adair
Nursing and Allied Health Center Advisor
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