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Hinds students may enroll in academic core courses and electives, which count toward an Associate of Arts Degree (AA). These courses also prepare students to transfer to a university to complete a bachelor's degree.

  • Take the same academic coursework at Hinds that you would in your first two years at a university--but for a fraction of the cost.
  • Students taking academic courses at Hinds in their first two years before transferring to a university will save over $8,000 in tuition costs alone.
  • Your academic courses at Hinds are guaranteed to transfer! We maintain a close relationship with all of Mississippi's public and private universities to make sure your credits transfer.
  • A formal articulation agreement exists between the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning (IHL) and the Mississippi Community College Board (MCCB) to help you map out your courses at Hinds so that your credits are guaranteed to transfer. Check out the Mississippi Articulation Transfer Tool at www.matttransfertool.com

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Hinds offers over 70 career and technical program options that prepare students for immediate employment in their field of study.

  • Career and technical programs can be one to two years in length.
  • These programs may result in a Career Certificate, Technical Certificate or an Associate of Applied Science degree.
  • Our career and technical programs give you hands-on training for a specific profession. 
  • After completing a career or technical program, you are ready for the workforce! You do not have to continue to a university to complete a bachelor's degree, but that is always an option. Some Mississippi universities have specialized bachelor's programs specifically for career and technical graduates.
  • Among our 80 career and technical program options, we offer 15 nursing and allied health related programs.

Learn more about our Career/Technical Programs:

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