Veterinary Technology


Veterinary Technology prepares you for careers in small, large and mixed animal practice, research, education, animal rehabilitation centers, animal rescue centers and zoological parks. Classes are held on the Raymond Campus. Graduates of the program are eligible for licensure as a certified veterinary technician and can sit for the Assistant Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) certification exam.

Courses Are Offered At These Locations


For a complete list of courses, please see our college catalog.

Admission Requirements

New Applicants

New Applicants that are interested in the Veterinary Technology program must meet and complete the following requirements as applies:


  1. Applicant must complete a general Application for Admission to Hinds Community College
  2. Applicant must complete the Veterinary Technology Selection Application.
  3. Applicant must complete a minimum of 35 hours of observation in a veterinary clinic
  4. Applicant must be eligible for ENG 1114 or ENG 1113 OR have scored 231 or higher on NEXT-GEN ACCUPLACER
  5. Applicant must have scored 17 or higher in Reading on ACT OR have scored 246 or higher on NEXT-GEN ACCUPLACER OR have successfully completed ENG 1114 or ENG 1113.
  6. Applicant must have scored 15 or higher in Math on ACT OR have scored 237 or higher on NEXT-GENERATION ACCUPLACER OR have successfully completed MAT 1133 or equivalent or a math level higher.
  7. Applicant must interview for admission to the program.

Fall entrance only

Students Reapplying

Students that are reapplying for program must complete the following. Please note that a student will be allowed to reapply for the Veterinary Technology program only one time.

  • Complete application to Hinds Community College and have met all admission requirements prior to interview. (If student has set out one semester he or she must reapply for admissions to the college.)
  • Reapply students must complete a Selection Application for the Veterinary Technology program and interview with selection committee.
  • Students that are reapply applicants must take an Enhancement of Study Skills class (LLS 1413) either prior to the semester to which they will be reapplying OR take LLS 1413 during the semester they reenter the program.

Important Dates for 2021

  • Application Dates to apply for program March 1 – May 14, 2021
  • Observation hours must be completed and turned in one week prior to assigned interview date, we will not accept observation hours the day of interview
  • Have all transcripts sent to Hinds Community College Office of Admissions Records
  • Interviews date for the program are set for June 1 – June 11, 2021. Upon receipt of your Veterinary Technology Selection application, you will be notified of your interview date and time.

VTNE Results

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2018

  • Number of eligible first-time candidates: 29
  • Number of first-time candidate that have taken the VTNE: 29
  • Three-year VTNE pass percentage: 60.17%


Kirby Sills, DVM
Director of Veterinary Technology
Melissa Washburn
Administrative Assistant for Veterinary Technology
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