Business Management


The Business Management Technology program will provide learning opportunities for students to acquire and practice the management knowledge and skills needed to function as entry-level professionals in a variety of organizations.  The coursework emphasizes integration of content and knowledge, hands-on learning experiences, practicing and developing management, technical, and soft-interpersonal skills, utilizing the latest information technology used in organizations, and balanced class and lab time.  Students study computers, office systems and procedures, while skills such as communication, organization, interpersonal relations and critical thinking are also emphasized to prove agility in today’s fast-paced business world.

Program graduates are employed in professional offices, educational institutions, government agencies, businesses, and industries.  Graduates will also prepare and sit for an industry certification that may be useful for hiring or career advancement.

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Jackson ATC

Courses for this program are also offered online


You can expect to take courses covering topics on Social Media Management, Applied Business Mathematics, and Communication Essentials. For a complete list of courses, please see our college catalog.


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