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Logistics Technology

The Logistics Technology program is offered at the Jackson Campus - Academic/Technical Center. In just two semesters, you can complete a Career Certificate. In an additional semester, you may complete a Technical Certificate. Also, students who complete an additional 15 - 16 credit hours of academic classes may receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Logistics is all about getting goods, services and people where they need to be, when they need to be there, and in the right quantity with absolute accuracy. It is how businesses set themselves apart from their competition by increasing productivity and quality while reducing costs.

Logistics encompasses numerous disciplines including:
· Receiving and storage of material
· Allocation and staging of material for shipment
· Choosing the best and most economical shipping method
· Loading and tracking shipments to the customer
· Quality control of all activities to insure customer satisfaction

Entry level job opportunities may include level logistics co-coordinator, also known as warehouse coordinator. In this role, the coordinator may carry out the basic logistics function and have the ability to move up to logistics specialist and manager. As a graduate you will have a very solid understanding of the logistics field, including communications skills, organizational skills, problem solving skills and up-to-date computer skills.

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