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Aviation Technology

Director of Aviation - Brad McCullouch, 601-857-3300

Airport Manager - Michelle Jackson, 601-857-3884

Director of Maintenance - Jimmy Chrestensen, 601-857-3891

Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) Jimmy Risher, 601-857-3712

Aviation Technology (ANT) - Oscar Branch, 601-936-5575

Commercial Aviation (See Academic Programs) - Megan Penson 601-857-3300 

The aviation department at Hinds Community College offers several degree options to prepare graduates for professional opportunities in aviation. The opportunities include aircraft maintenance, commercial pilot, airport management and security, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operations. 

Program Descriptions

The Commercial Aviation program prepares students for flight positions and dispatch positions. Graduates can achieve an Associates of Arts (AA) degree while earning a Private Pilot license. Hinds Community College has entered an articulation agreement with Delta State University which enables the student to transfer his or her Commercial Aviation credits to Delta State University. The student may then pursue the Bachelor of Science degree while earning a Commercial Pilot license and other certificates granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. 

The Aviation Maintenance Technology program prepares students to inspect, repair, service, and to overhaul aircraft engine components and systems. Graduates can achieve an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree while preparing for certification as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician through the Federal Aviation Administration. This program includes both airframe and power plant (A&P) training. 

The Aviation Technology program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of entry level positions in the aviation industry. Students can achieve an Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degree while preparing for industry certifications. Graduates will be prepared for airport communications, aviation security, and other related positions. Students may focus on one or more of four different options/concentrations. 

  1. Air Traffic Control Technology 
  2. Airport Operations Technology 
  3. Aviation Security Technology
  4. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) 

NOTE: The Online Catalog lists courses for the three programs.  

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