Band Auditions

Video Audition Submission

Due to current circumstances, we are now offering students the opportunity to submit their auditions via video recording. Click here to view instructions and submit your audition. Please contact Mr. Sprayberry at for further instructions if you do not currently have access to an instrument.

All band scholarships are based on your experience as a high school band member and a quick audition with the Hinds CC Band Director. Wind students who participated in the Mississippi All-State Lion’s Band or Drum Corps are exempt from the audition process and will receive a full scholarship (tuition, dorm, and meal costs). Percussion and Guard members who participated in Lion’s Band or Drum Corps must attend scheduled auditions as a formality.

Students are encouraged to audition early in the semester as funds may not be available in the late summer months. Please see below for audition requirements for each area

Once you are ready to audition, please fill out an online band application and call or email the band director to set up an appointment (601-857-3273).

Music Majors should contact the Music Department at 601-857-3271 for more information. Audition requirements for instrumental music majors are the same as band scholarship auditions.

Winds & Mallets

  • Scales: 5 Major scales of your choice (Music Majors should be prepared to play all major scales.)
  • Chromatic Scale: full range of the instrument
  • Prepared Piece: solo or etude your choice
  • Sight Reading provided by the director

Please email or call 601-857-3273 to reserve an audition date and time.


Drum Line auditions are held as a group. Students wanting to play snare, tenors, or bass drum in the Eagle Marching band should plan to attend the group audition. Mallets and auxiliary percussion – see requirements above.

Please email or call 601-857-3273 to reserve an audition date and time – space is limited.

Color Guard

The Eagle Marching Band Color Guard Captains will review guard fundamentals, marching and basic dance moves then teach a short routine during the clinic. Students will then return on the audition dates listed above and tryout in groups of 4—6. You will be notified through mail if you have been chosen as a guard member or if you need to return again for a second audition.

    Please email or call 601-857-3273 to reserve an audition date and time – space is limited.

    Sophomore & Freshmen Drum Major

    Eagle Band Drum Majors are the highest-ranking members on the Eagle Band leadership team. We are seeing highly motivated students who want to impact their peer’s lives while continuing to develop their leadership skills. Download the audition packet here.

      Please email or call 601-857-3273 to reserve an audition time.


      Shane Sprayberry
      Department of Music & Dance Chair and Director of Bands
      P: 601-857-3273