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Welcome to Sociology!

What do Sociologists study?

Sociology is the scientific study of human society and social interaction. Sociology is a very broad field, which means that we can study just about anything which relates to human interactions. We are so expansive, that we study interactions ranging between two people to complex relationships between nations. By becoming aware of the social processes that influence how we think feel and behave we can better understand the behavior patterns of human action.

What can I do with a Sociology degree?

The most common jobs held by sociologists are in the fields of education, research, administration, journalism, politics, corrections, senior or youth services, and public relations. Sociology majors may also work in media outlets, international relations, or among federal agencies.

What courses are offered in Sociology?

At Hinds Community College, several Sociology courses are offered on the Raymond campus as well as through MSVCC online. All courses are typically transferrable to 4-year institutions; however, to insure that it will transfer as one of your prerequisites, you are strongly encouraged to check with your college of choice to be certain that the course will be accepted as needed.