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Welcome to Psychology!

Psychology courses at Hinds Community College offer students an opportunity to explore behavior and find out what makes people "tick." Most students take Psychology courses so they are better able to help others, to understand their own behavior, to make them better at their career, or just because the courses are interesting! Our primary goal is to provide our students with learning experiences that will be beneficial to them personally, academically, and professionally. For our students who plan to pursue a major in psychology, our course offerings establish a strong foundation for them to build upon when they reach the senior college or university level.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes, including history, research methods, consciousness, psychological disorders, life-span development, learning, and the biological basis for behavior. Research in psychology seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion, and behavior. Today, psychologists use objective scientific methods to describe, understand, explain, and predict human behavior.

What can I do with a Psychology degree?

People who earn a Bachelor's degree in Psychology mostly work for private companies or organizations as consultants, grant writers, or project managers. With a higher degree, such as a Master's or Doctorate, Psychology majors could teach at Universities or Colleges, conduct research , become self-employed, or work for state and local agencies.

What courses are offered in Psychology?

At Hinds Community College, the following courses are offered on campus, online, or both. All courses are typically transferrable to 4-year institutions, however, be sure to verify transferability with your intended university or college. Successful completion of General Psychology is required for enrollment in all other Psychology courses.