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Reading and Education

Reading and Education


The mission of the Reading and Education Department is to provide instruction for those students whose placement scores indicate a need to refine and strengthen reading and study skills necessary for success in college. Support is provided in the areas of study habits, time management, motivation and academic skills. The developmental courses offered in those areas are:

  • REA 0123- Intermediate Reading
  • REA 0133- Advanced Reading
  • LLS 0113- Essential College Skills I
  • LLS 0123- Essential College Skills II

Additionally, LLS 1413 Improvement of Study is a three credit hour elective course offered to aid students in critical thinking, note-taking techniques, test-taking strategies, and listening and memory enhancement.  

The Reading and Education Department also maintains a close relationship with the state senior colleges and the State Department of Education in order to advise those students pursuing education as a career. Students seeking teacher certification will be advised of prerequisites at each senior college and also the tests required by the State Department for entering an education program and for certification as a teacher. EDU 1613 Foundations of Education is a three credit hour course offered as a survey of the history and philosophies of American education. A minimum of 30-40 hours of supervised field observation in local schools is required for course completion.