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C:\fakepath\1-1950s-classic-guitar-and-microphone-hal-bergman_orig.jpgThe Music Industry-Recording Arts program at Hinds Community College offers students an opportunity to receive training on industry-standard equipment by instructors with real-world experience and professional resumes. Students learn theory and concepts associated with recording arts technologies and apply them in lab settings appropriate to their skill levels. The HCC Music Industry program trains students for entry-level positions within the audio industry. Qualifying students, in their 2nd year, may be considered for a field experience/internship component providing on-the-job training at professional facilities.

Music Industry courses offer an innovative curriculum, emphasizing studio recording, digital audio workstations, electronic music and live sound reinforcement. Our program provides students a way to build their knowledge base, broaden their technical skills, and develop real world experience that musicians need to thrive in a diverse and competitive entertainment industry. Graduates of the Recording Arts Program can look to find employment as a recording engineer, editor, mix engineer, mastering engineer, record producer, sound designer, beat maker, live sound engineer, broadcast engineer and music programmer. Our graduates may be employed in a wide variety of positions using their recording arts skills.

The music industry faculty at HCC are comprised of a rich combination of performing musicians, recording engineers and music professionals who work to encourage, motivate and inspire the student whose goal is a career in the music industry. Students who wish to major in the Music Industry-Recording Arts program should contact Fritz Martin or Andrew Lewis to schedule an appointment for interview and audition.

*Please keep in mind that instructors may not be available for summer appointments. Please call when scheduling appointments outside the regular fall and spring semesters.

Fritz Martin, Music Industry Coordinator

Andrew Lewis, Music Industry Instructor