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Choir Application

What choirs are available at Hinds Community College? 
Hinds offers three vocal ensembles: Collegiate Choir, Chamber Choir, and the Clefs. Please click the individual links for more information.

Do I have to be a music major to sing in a choir? 
No, both auditioned and non-auditioned choirs are open to all students regardless of major. All ensembles contain a unique mix of students from many different degree and technical programs. 

When are choral auditions and what do I need to prepare?  
Please see Choir Audition Information for more information. 

Does singing in the choir take a lot of time?
That depends on the number of choirs a student joins, but in general it does not take a lot of time. Preparation time for the Collegiate Choir is minimal, and almost everything is covered during class meetings. Members of the Chamber Choir and the Clefs are expected to dedicate more time to practice and musical preparation outside of scheduled class meetings. Many of our students are enrolled in more than one ensemble, and some are members of the marching band as well. Students who receive a choir scholarship also enroll in voice lessons; thus, scholarship students should prepare to spend time preparing for voice lessons as well.

Can I attend another HCC campus and receive a choir scholarship?
It is perfectly acceptable to attend classes on another campus. Some students choose to take classes at the Rankin Campus and drive to Raymond for choir and other courses. You will, however, need to make sure that your schedule will allow you to do so. Give yourself plenty of "drive time" to get to and from choir rehearsals and performances. If you receive a choir scholarship, it is not affected by which campus you attend.

Why should I join a choir and/or study singing at Hinds Community College?  
Students at Hinds Community College receive a thorough music education from a team of dedicated teaching faculty at an extremely affordable cost. Located in the picturesque Jackson Prairie, Hinds is the largest community college in Mississippi and provides an excellent education in a variety of academic and technical fields.  Additionally, Hinds offers the student the option to live on campus for a more traditional college experience. 

What if I plan to major in music and study voice at Hinds Community College?
Please visit our Voice Studio page for more information on voice instruction at HCC.