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Hinds has increased tuition, dorm, meal, and other fees beginning in Fall 2016. Your scholarship will be increased proportionately to help cover these additional costs. We still have to follow the rules on cost of attendance, etc (See attached documents). 

The band scholarship will not be added to your account until mid-July. If you receive a statement before that, please disregard it. If you receive a statement after August 1st, contact the band office immediately. Remember that you must enroll in 15 hours of classes before your scholarship will be posted to your account. 

You will receive a statement regarding band fees. These fees are due upon arrival to band camp. Please DO NOT send payments through the mail. The statement will contain specific instructions on how to make payment. 

Sophomores: If you received a letter regarding your financial aid status for the upcoming fall semester, email jssprayberry@hindscc.edu for information on filing an appeal. Please do not send messages through Canvas or text. 


Chair Placement Auditions

All Major Scales, Chromatic Scale, and Sight reading 

All brass and woodwinds are required to audition for chair placement. All french horn players will audition on mellophone. See the camp schedule for audition dates and times. 

Instrument Checkout

You may begin checking out instruments after Wednesday, July 13, 2016. 

Contact Mr. Mapes for instrument checkout: 601-857-3639. 

All flute players will play piccolo but may try out on flute. (You may checkout a piccolo if you do not own one.) 

All students playing school owned instruments are required to pay a $50 checkout fee per instrument per semester. Please bring this and all other fees to check-in at band camp. DO NOT bring payment if you check out an instrument before camp begins. All fees are due upon check in at band camp. A late fee of $10/month will be added for fees not received by the first day of classes.


Please make arrangements with the counseling office or other departments on campus to take this test without missing band rehearsal. Multiple times for these tests are available upon your request. This includes tests for Algebra and English Composition.


You will move into your dorm room when camp starts. This may be different from the letters you receive from the housing office. 

Move in dates (see camp schedule for more details) 

 Monday, August 1, 2016 

o Guard/Hi-Stepper/Percussion 

 Tuesday, August 2, 2016 

o Brass/Woodwinds/Managers  

All new dorm students (including sophomores) are required to attend a summer dorm orientation. 

Please make sure you attend orientation BEFORE band camp. If you receive a letter stating that you are to attend orientation during band camp, please contact Mr. Sprayberry immediately: 601-857-3273 or jssprayberry@hindscc.edu. DO NOT contact the housing office with this conflict. 

If you aren’t sure which dorm/room you are in, please call housing at 601-857-3222. The band director will not be able to help you on move-in day.


Due to the increase in fees this coming fall, winds, guard, and percussion will no longer be required to purchase two band shirts (cotton and dry-fit). If you already own band shorts, there’s no need to purchase new ones. 

The bookstore will begin selling band shirts and shorts August 1, 2016. They will take cash, credit cards, or checks. If you are using financial aid to purchase these items please note that you will only be allowed to do that between August 8-11 from 7:30am-4:00pm. ALL PURCHASES MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE LAST DAY OF BAND CAMP. YOU WILL WEAR YOUR SHIRT AND SHORTS AT FRIDAY’S CAMP RUN THROUGH AND FOR THE GROUP PICTURE. 

See below for required minimum purchases. 

Winds and Percussion 

o Cotton t-shirt 

o Band shorts (female members may choose to purchase a ladies cut) 


o Dry-fit guard shirt 

o Band Shorts 


Please refer to mail-out and website for camp schedules. 

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER before and during camp. It is important to hydrate your body before spending hours in the hot sun. Fainting is a result of dehydration and heat. Take care of yourself – we want you around! DON’T SKIP MEALS before or during band camp. Not eating increases your chances of having serious issues during outside rehearsals. 

Bring…Sunblock, sunglasses, and Athletic Shoes ONLY (NO SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, CROCS, BOOTS, VIBRAMS, or other open toe shoes are allowed). Bring a cooler if you like. Water and Gatorade will be provided and multiple breaks will be taken.


Please note sectional day and time! Do not schedule a class during this time! 

Guard: Wednesdays 2:00-3:30 pm 
Hi-Steppers: Tuesdays 2:00-3:30 pm & Fridays 1:30-4:00 pm 
Percussion: Wednesdays 5:00-6:30 pm 

Winds will schedule a sectional/lesson time with the studio instructors once classes begin. Please make sure your class schedule is complete by mid-July to avoid complications in scheduling your lessons.


Uniforms are provided at no additional fee, except for personal wear or additional cleaning due to improper care. Uniforms will be checked out prior to each game. Students are not allowed to take uniforms home. Uniform cleaning will be the responsibility of the Hinds Band Department. 

Winds and Percussion: You are required to wear a cotton Eagle Band shirt and band shorts under your uniform. Black socks are also required. Black gloves will be provided at the first game. Each additional pair of gloves will cost $5. 

Color Guard: Your uniform top will be purchased by the band department. You will be responsible for purchasing black jazz pants and any additional garments as designated by the band director. Information about these items will be sent in a separate letter.


Winds and Percussion are required to wear marching style shoes (no patent leather). If you need to order shoes, a representative will be here to measure at the end of band camp. Cost is $40 and will be paid directly to the Hinds Band. Cash, money orders, or checks only, please. 

Color Guard will purchase shoes as designated in the guard letter.


If you have signed up to be a band manager for the Fall 2016 semester, please read below. 

You will move into the dorms when the WIND players move in. Please see the camp schedule for more information. We will have a meeting and training session on Thursday, August 4, 2016; time TBA. 

All managers will purchase a band shirt from the bookstore. You are not required to purchase the shorts. In addition, all managers will wear CLOSED TOE shoes during all rehearsals, events, games, etc. Flip flops are not acceptable. In fact, it’s dangerous to wear those while moving heavy equipment. If you are wearing flip flops or sandals of any kind you will be asked to leave and retrieve proper shoes. 

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