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Hinds Brass Studio

The high brass studio is under the direction of Mr. Robert Cheesman, chairman of the music department and director of the Hinds Jazz Ensemble. Mr. Cheesman has been a professional trumpet player for many years and strives to pass along that experience to his students.

At Hinds Community College we address the needs of brass students of every level. From those with very little experience, including beginners or musicians searching for a new or secondary instrument, to very accomplished high school graduates and college level students. The varied styles of modern brass performance demands are addressed according to each individual student’s needs.

To further develop their skills, students study from various method books. Including, but not limited to: Arban, Clark, Kopprasch, Charlier, Herring, J.L. Small, etc.

Brass majors will follow a prescribed course of study with required proficiencies. Students on the class or elective level will be graded upon their individual progress.

There are opportunities in the brass department to participate in various ensembles such as brass quintet, trumpet ensemble and brass choir, to name a few. Further participation in jazz ensemble, marching band, wind ensemble, concert band and rock band is available as well.

Students who wish to major in music should contact Mr. Cheesman to schedule an audition appointment. Please keep in mind that instructors may not be available for summer appointments. Please call when scheduling appointments outside the regular fall and spring semesters.

In addition, students must schedule an audition appointment with the Band Department. Please visit www.hindscc.edu/band to fill out a band application. Auditions for music major and band scholarships may be scheduled for the same day and time. Audition requirements are the same.

Audition Requirements