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Welcome to the wonderful world of Biology! Our department will give you the foundation and tools to discover a career that is right for you!

The departments of Biology at Hinds Community College are dedicated to the study of living organisms and the processes of life. Our courses are structured to meet the needs of all students who are interested in a career in the broad area of the life sciences, pursuing health related professions, or fulfilling graduation requirements or transferable credits to four year colleges or universities.

The biology department offers Principles of Biology for non-majors, General Biology for majors, microbiology and anatomy and physiology. Online courses are offered through distance learning MVCCC.

About Our Courses

The Biology Department has classes spread out among five campus locations:

  • Raymond Campus
  • Rankin Campus
  • Utica Campus
  • Vicksburg Campus
  • JATC/Nursing Allied Health

The following courses may be found at all locations:

• BIO 1111 - Principles of Biology I, Laboratory
• BIO 1113 - Principles of Biology I
• BIO 1121 - Principles of Biology II, Laboratory
• BIO 1123 - Principles of Biology II, Lecture
• BIO 1131 - General Biology I, Laboratory
• BIO 1133 - General Biology I, Lecture
• BIO 1141 - General Biology II, Laboratory
• BIO 1143 - General Biology II, Lecture
• BIO 1311 - Botany I, Laboratory
• BIO 1313 - Botany I, Lecture
BIO 1613 - Nutrition
• BIO 2511 - Anatomy and Physiology I, Laboratory
• BIO 2513 - Anatomy and Physiology I, Lecture
• BIO 2521 - Anatomy and Physiology II, Laboratory
• BIO 2523 - Anatomy and Physiology II, Lecture
• BIO 2921 - Microbiology, Laboratory
• BIO 2923 - Microbiology, Lecture

Note: Zoology and Environmental Science are only offered on the Raymond Campus.

Note: Agriculture and STEM classes are also offered on the Utica Campus.

For more information on the prerequisites requirements needed for admissions into schools of health-related professions, medical, dental or pharmacy schools, you may contact the school for which you are applying. To obtain information for transferability into four year institutions of higher learning refer to the senior transfer guide.