Programs of Study

Choosing the Right Program

Do you plan to transfer to a university and complete your baccalaureate degree? Our Academic program of study will get you ready for a successful transfer while earning your Associate of Arts degree. You might be ready to start your career with expert training under your belt. We offer more than 70 Career and Technical program options.


We offer academic course work to complete the first two years of most baccalaureate programs of study, which can easily be transferred to 4-year colleges and universities.

Career & Technical

Enroll in one of our career or technical programs and train for high-wage, high-skill and high-demand jobs.

Nursing & Allied Health

Accessible, affordable, quality education with an emphasis on health care careers.

Online Classes

We bring the complete college experience totally online with an Associate of Arts degree. Focusing on general studies, you are prepared to go to a 4-year university to major in almost anything with your first two years of coursework completed!

We also offer 11 different Career & Technical programs that can be completed 100% online.

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Adult Basic Education & High School Equivalency

Don’t have your high school diploma? We offer a variety of free ABE courses, and multiple HSE testing dates and locations.

Get Work Ready

Career Readiness Certificate

The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a credential that gives job seekers and employers a measure of workplace skills.


An innovative workforce training program dedicated to preparing people who need help with foundational skills for their careers.

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning is an educational/training program for Career and Technical students at Hinds Community College that provides paid, on-the-job work experience.

2 + 2

Two plus Two agreements allow students who have completed their Associate of Art degree program to transfer seamlessly to a college or university to complete their bachelor’s degree.


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