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Paramedic Program
Program of Study

Paramedics are in high demand throughout the country. Completing our program can open doors for your career and give you the stable, full-time employment you’re looking for. Whether this is a new career opportunity or a transition for you within the medical industry, Hinds CC can help you get where you want to go.

Paralegal Technology
Program of Study

The Paralegal Technology curriculum will prepare you for entry-level employment as a legal assistant or paralegal in courts, corporations, law firms, and government agencies. A field robust with opportunity for those looking to work in law, but still prioritizing flexible hours, job security, and an office setting.

Nutrition & Food Science Department
Academic Department

The Nutrition and Food Science Department explores how food can be used to nourish the body and promote health and longevity. Students can also get information and be advised on degrees and careers in nutrition and food science.

Medical Data Technology
Program of Study

Our Medical Data Technology program is a technical curriculum designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in health-related fields. As the health care industry continues to transition from a paper health record system to an electronic health record system, the demand for trained medical billing and coding personnel is continuing to increase. You will be trained to work on the front lines to ensure accurate data input, diagnostic and procedural coding, and claim submission for insurance reimbursement to comply with private, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Meat Merchandising Technology
Program of Study

Our Meat Merchandising program will prepare you for entry-level employment in the various related phases of processing, marketing, merchandising of meats, catering, and value-added products. Our program gives you training in beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish. You will be given the opportunity to master the skills necessary for success in meat merchandising, which includes: aging, catering, chilling, curing, cutting, inspecting, pricing, processing, sales, sausage making, slaughtering, smoking, and quartering.

Marketing Management Technology
Program of Study

Our Marketing Management Technology program will prepare you for a career in sales, advertising, management, public relations, merchandising, and buying. A combination of classwork and practical experience will give you the opportunity to acquire the background and skills necessary to enter the business and community workforce in positions leading to the mid-management level and higher.

Area of Study

With the explosion of creative and technological initiatives, the need for strong marketing skills is vital in today’s global economy. Understanding demographics for targeting specific markets plays a key role in the development of a strong marketing professional. Exploring all aspects of business including management, finance, accounting, advertising, and economics, marketing majors develop a full repertoire of skills that enhance any industry operating and thriving today.

Program of Study

Students in our Management Area of Study will enhance their critical thinking and communication skills while learning how to lead an organization or business. In fact, our faculty members here at Hinds have been active in the business sector and have firsthand experiences to prepare our students for business management careers.

Area of Study

Our Kinesiology Area of Study will introduce you to the needed courses to prepare for a transfer degree in Kinesiology. Gain the skills needed to pursue a four-year degree in kinesiology, exercise science, biomechanics, exercise physiologist, athletic trainer, and many more.