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Diversity Statement

We recognize our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment that attracts, recruits, supports, and retains employees and students to collaboratively learn, work, and serve our communities.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We recognize and respect the broad scope of the cultures, attitudes, ideas, and viewpoints contained within our campus communities. The College integrates multicultural perspectives throughout the curricula and highlights respect and appreciation for respective differences where all students, faculty, and staff can be celebrated for being their authentic selves with all the rich diversity that brings.

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Modern Computing and Cybersecurity Club
Clubs & Groups

The primary purpose of this organization is to promote an environment for the advancement of knowledge, understanding, and use of technology with a focus on IT security.

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Public Safety & Administration

The Public Safety pathway is for students choosing to serve their communities in various ways. Planning, managing, and providing legal, safety and protective services, and homeland security are just a few of the professions students can expect. This pathway is open for students interested in criminal justice, pre-law, forensics, and political science.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are vital academic and technical areas. There are hundreds of specializations, fitting any student who likes asking questions or being challenged. Learn about the world around you, find innovative solutions to real-world challenges, and play a role in the world’s major discoveries.

Hospitality & Human Services

Students who enroll in the Hospitality and Human Services Pathway share a common interest in working with people. Hospitality programs focus on training individuals in consumer services such as barbering, fashion design, cosmetology, culinary arts, or hospitality management. Human Service programs focus on the fields of psychology, sociology, and social work.

Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Pathway prepares students for rewarding careers in healthcare or veterinary technology. Our graduates are hired by hospitals, medical offices, laboratories, emergency care services, long-term care facilities, and outpatient surgical centers. Our Veterinary Technology program prepares you for a career in small, large, and mixed animal practices, research, education, animal rehabilitation centers, animal rescue centers, and zoological parks.


Through the Education Pathway, you will have the opportunity to contribute to your community while pursuing your calling. You could choose a career in teaching, childcare, coaching, athletic training, or sign language interpretation.


The Business Pathway allows you to focus your interests on marketing, accounting, management, banking and finance, business administration, or real estate. We offer areas of study that will allow you to complete an associate degree and move immediately into the workforce or transfer your coursework to a bachelor’s program.

Arts & Humanities

What is important in life? That is a question every person must answer for themselves. The Arts and Humanities Pathway is about what makes us human. It celebrates our glorious, complicated, messy ways.

Agricultural, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation

We offer excellent educational opportunities to pursue rewarding careers through the Agricultural, Construction, Manufacturing, Transportation (ACMT) Pathway. Each student’s journey is different and can be tailored to fit career goals through offerings like short-term programs, career and technical certificates, and Associate of Applied Sciences degrees. Explore the numerous programs in the ACMT Pathway.

Dance Department
Academic Department

The Hinds CC Dance Department offers students the opportunity to gain diverse, in-depth, knowledge and performance experience within an encouraging and inclusive environment. We integrate theoretical and practical aspects of dance in a meaningful way to our students’ lives.