The Counseling Department on the Raymond Campus administers the CLEP program. By successfully completing CLEP Subject tests, students may receive credit for college-level knowledge that they already possess. A listing of the courses for which Hinds Community College will award credit is printed in the Hinds Community College Catalog, although Hinds Community College administers all 35 CLEP subject examinations upon request.

A maximum of 18 hours of CLEP subject examination credit will be accepted by Hinds CC, and scores must be at or above 50. A student must earn at least 12 hours of credit at Hinds Community College before CLEP credit may be recorded on his/her transcript. No grades are granted for CLEP credit, and credits granted by CLEP scores are not used in computing the students' grade point average.

CLEP credit is not accepted at all colleges and universities, so students desiring to take any CLEP subject area examination for transfer credit should consult with the transfer college before sitting for the examination.

Students desiring to sit for a CLEP examination should contact the District Assessment Center on the Raymond Campus at 601.857.3852 or 601.857.3384. The cost of the CLEP test is $89 (beginning July 1) per test payable to CLEP by credit card. There is an additional $35 assessment fee that must be paid in the Hinds Community College Business Office.