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People are Staying in the Workforce Longer

Anyone in the job market these days knows the competition is fierce-especially for people age 50 and over. It takes longer for workers over 50 to find jobs than it does for their younger counterparts, and workers of all ages with limited education credentials have higher rates of unemployment and greater difficulty than others in finding and securing employment.

Through the Plus 50 Encore Completion Program, Hinds is providing programs and services that make it easier than ever for students over 50 to obtain the cutting-edge skills and credentials required to compete for jobs in the health care, education, and social services fields. Hinds Plus 50 helps students reach completion outcomes (degrees, certificates and non-credit certificates), by offering Math and English refresher courses, computer skills training, encore career venues, and a variety of support services, to help you reach your goals, from choosing a course of study to applying for financial aid.

For more information contact the coordinator at 601.857.3773 or mfield@hindscc.edu
or the Adult Recruiter at 601.857.3431 or ssbrown@hindscc.edu.

Increase Earning Potential

Today, 40 percent of people over age 55 remain in the workforce-the highest rate since 1962. If you’re among them and you need a job or a change in careers, earning a certificate or degree in the high-demand fields of health care, education, and social services will help you beat the competition.

With every additional level of U.S. workers’ education, their average unemployment rate falls and their average earnings rise. Many of the jobs in the fast-growing fields of health care, education, and social services require some education beyond high school.

That doesn’t mean you need a four-year degree to succeed in these fields. Many jobs require less than a bachelor’s or an associate degree. Plus 50 can help students identify and gain the skills and credentials they need for higher-paying jobs.