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Hinds Community College’s Career Services Center, located in Gibbes Hall Room 204, seeks to connect local employers who have job openings to current Hinds students or recent Hinds graduates who are seeking jobs in those fields.

The Career Services Center under coordinator Iyanna Colly serves as a liaison between the employers and the potential employees with job postings and job fairs. It also prepares Hinds students and graduates to talk to employers about those jobs. Colly can be reached at 601.857.3499 or at iyanna.colly@hindscc.edu.

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We offer a variety of tools and resources to assist you in preparing for your job search. Those resources include providing assistance with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, rules regarding hiring policies, and all other tactics and strategies for guiding employment.

Networking is simply gathering information from and making contacts through the people you already know. Recruiting experts agree that a very small percentage of jobs are found by going through classified sections of the newspaper. In fact, around 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. The Career Center offers resources to help you create your network.


Click here to access our online job board to view open positions www.collegecentral.com/hindscc



Your resume should be a tailored document that highlights your education, work experience and skills. It should provide a summary of your qualifications for a job, internship, scholarship, assistantship, co-op, or other position. Think of it as a personal brochure that markets you! The Career Center offers resume and cover letter writing classes and consultations, as well as interviewing skills workshops that will help you develop your brand.

Thanks to a partnership with Resume Target, a professional resume writing service, Hinds Community College is pleased to offer access to career related information and resume templates. To gain access, login to your College Central Account. 

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Interviews allow employers to assess you as a complete person, rather than just your qualifications on the printed page. Employers want to gauge whether or not you would be a good “fit” for their organization. This is also an opportunity for you to find out the same thing about the employer. Most employers consider the interview to be the most important part of the hiring decision. Come to the Career Center to see how you can begin preparing for your interviews. We will conduct mock interviews with industry professionals or if you prefer, you can schedule a one on one consultation. 

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The Career Center brings employers to campus to interview students. The center staff has strategically recruited employers that have open positions. All students are eligible to participate in these recruiting events.


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There are several ways to recruit quality students here at Hinds. We have provided a list of these opportunities below. If you are interested and/ or have a question about any of these services please contact our office. We will be happy to help.

Job Fairs

  • We host several job fairs throughout the academic year. Each fair is customized to target specific majors and fields of study.

In-Classroom Visits

  • Spend time on campus visiting classes and faculty members in the majors interested in recruiting. Speak to a variety of classes in 15-20 minute increments.

Student Information Booths

  • A booth is set up in a common area on campus. This provides opportunity to network and meet with students on a larger scale.

On-Campus Interviews

  • Conduct on-campus interviews with targeted students that are pre-screened.

On-line Jobs’ and Internship Posting

  • Post position openings on Career Services’ on line recruiting site website, College Central You can register and/or Log-in by clicking here www.collegecentral.com/hindscc

As Hinds faculty/staff, we encourage you to utilize the services and programs offered by Career Services. We serve as your source for professional development for your students.

Contact us today to schedule a presentation and/or refer a student.

Our presentation topics include:

  • Introduction to the Job Search
  • Writing a Resume & Cover Letter
  • Interviewing 101: How to be a STAR in your interview
  • Backpack to Briefcase: What to Expect After Graduation
  • Professional is as Professional Does: A "how to" on Professional Behavior

Work-Based Learning combines programs of study with structured on-the-job experiences in businesses and industries. Placed in a work environment which complements classroom learning, the Work-Based Learning students practice and develop skills and competencies which have been identified by participating businesses and industries. The Work-Based Learning participants are better able to see the connection between education and work and are able to earn wages while learning from skilled professionals. The Work-Based Learning experience allows students to test potential careers and provides exposure to expanded career possibilities. Work-Based Learning students should enter the workforce better equipped with employability skills, technical capabilities, and educational backgrounds, enhancing their future career options.


Work-Based Learning also provides existing employees the opportunity to sharpen and expand skills while receiving college credit, which could lead to more job security and advancement.


The courses in this framework are used as electives in many other curricula frameworks for other Post-Secondary Career and Technical Education programs.  All Work Based Learning students shall be aware of and comply with business/industry safety standards and regulations for employability within their field of study.


Variable credit (1-4 hours) will be awarded on the basis of the number of hours worked per week (maximum of 12 hours total), and competitive wages are paid to the student. 


(180 or more work hours/semester)  4 SH

(135-179 work hours/semester)        3 SH

(90-134 work hours/semester)          2 SH

(45-89 work hours/semester)            1 SH


Work - Based Learning Student Qualifications


Eligibility Requirements for WBL

  • Currently enrolled at HCC in a career, or technical program of study
  • Currently employed in a job directly related to the student's college major
  •  Earn verifiable wages that are at least minimum wage
  • Be referred by college instructor as "work ready"
  • Complete WBL application process
  • Coordinate with WBL staff to obtain a completed and signed Application and Training Agreement 


Student Benefits

  • Application of classroom learning in real-world setting
  • Establishment of a clear connection between school and work
  • Improvement of their post-graduation employment opportunities
  • Development and practice of positive work-related habits and attitudes including the ability to think critically, solve problems, work in terms, and resolve issues
  • Assessment and understanding of the expectations of the workplace
  • Establishment of professional contacts for future employment 
  • Expansion and refinement of their technical skills
  • Participation in authentic, job-related tasks
  • Observation of all demeanor and procedures of workplace professionals 


NOTE: To register for WBL you must contact a member of the WBL staff directly to verify eligibility. Students who register for WBL must contact the WBL staff to complete the WBL application process and complete their Education & Training Agreement no later than the first week of the semester. After the first two weeks of the semester, students who have not completed all eligibility requirements listed above will be dropped from WBL. 

Work-Based Learning Employer Benefits


The Work-Based Learning/Cooperative Education/Supervised Work Experience and Internships program at Hinds Community College exists to meet the needs of career-technical and academic students, district employers and college instructors by providing a service which enables students to gain academic credit for work-site employment that is parallel to their major field of study. The WBL/COE/SWE program provides students with the opportunity to translate classroom theories into practical applications on the job. 


As a perspective employer of the Work-Based Learning/Cooperative Education/Supervised Work Experience and Internships program, we consider you to be a valuable part of our student's educational experience. Students in the WBL/COE/SWE courses are required to work for the entire semester unless circumstances make the continuation of their employment impossible. The employer, student, advisor/instructor, and WBL/COE/SWE coordinator work together to agree on one of the work schedules outlined below:


  • Parallel - The student works a minimum of 45 hours per semester and attends classes for Work-Based Learning students. Cooperative educations students must work a minimum of 90 hours per semester. These hours qualify the student for the minimal 1 sch course in each of the programs. By increasing the number of hours worked students may earn up to 4 sch for their work  experience. 
  • Alternating - The student works full-time for one semester, returns to school for a semester, and then works another semester. 

What is an Internship?


An Internship is a full-time, paid or unpaid*, practical work experience directly related to a student's professional interest and/or major. Internships allow students to participate in some type of work experience prior to the completing their degree. Work experience in a method of understanding the job, profession or field. These experiences are intended to close the gap between school and work. 


6 Reasons Why Internships Are Invaluable

  • Apply what you learned in the classroom
  • Discover what you do and don't like
  • Network with the right people
  • Get the experience employers want
  • Develop Your Professional Identity 
  • Transition into a full time position 

Numerous Internships are available in the program area of study as well as congressional internships and Disney internships. The most direct way for students to learn about these employment opportunities is through the Career Services Center at Hinds Community College which is located at the Eagle Ridge Conference Center on the Raymond Campus. The center is under the supervision of Iyanna Colly, our Career Services Coordinator. Students and alumni may follow Hinds Community College Career Services on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter to view employment opportunities, internship opportunities, upcoming job fair etc. 


Other excellent  sources of internships opportunities are internship databases available on line and personal contacts with family and friends. Below are the links to a couple of excellent internship databases. 




Congressional Internships 

Bennie Thompson's Internship Listing 

Disney Internships


Students and alumni may also register and upload their resumes to our online job posting board College Central Network at www.collegecentral.com/hindscc. This will allow them direct access to CCN. In addition to the Career Services Center can help students with cover letters, resumes, interviewing skills, and workplace expectations. 



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