Fountain Hall at dusk
In August 2010, the college opened its new $6.8 million Institutional Advancement/District Administration Fountain Hall Building/Welcome Center on the Raymond Campus. The design of the building matches the stately look of Cain-Cochran Hall and is located at the intersection of Hinds Boulevard and Main Street, on the site that once held the old cold storage plant.

The building is named for the late D. G. "Sonny" Fountain, 30-year member of the Hinds Board of Trustees and president of the board from 2000 to 2008. Mr. Fountain's leadership and influence are evidenced in so many areas of the college as well as in the community. He was a servant leader - humble and unselfish - with a heart for this institution and its students.

The district Recruiting Office is located on the first floor of the facility, along with the Alumni and Foundation offices. The second floor contains the President's office, the board room and offices for Community Relations and Business Services.

The primary purpose of the building is to serve visitors to campus. A receptionist and information desk is available to assist visitors and prospective students when they arrive on campus. Hinds Connection conducts tours from the facility, which also houses a large meeting space for college functions.