At the Grants Resource Center, we:

  • Maintain a list of possible grant resources and opportunities
  • Maintain sample copies of grant proposals for review
  • Maintain copies of all submitted grant applications
  • Maintain a file of information pertaining to federal and state regulations for grant submission and compliance
  • Provide Grant Proposal Approval Guidelines
  • Provide assistance in grant writing when time and work load allow

At the Grants Clearinghouse, we:

  • Provide and review the Pre-Proposal Concept Form and the Pre-Proposal Short Form for grant seekers
  • Assist with local and regional clearinghouse, as needed

The Evaluation Center for grants:

  • Reviews application components to ensure compliance with the college’s Strategic Goals
  • Ensures that the proper signatures and contacts are on the grant applications and submitted reports

The Monitor of funded grant projects:

  • Meets with grant project directors on a regular basis to ascertain grant progress/needs
  • Tracks the submission of reports to funding agencies
  • Maintains copies of reports sent to funding agencies