• STEP 1 Have an idea for a project and find a grant to fund it.
  • STEP 2 Complete the Pre-Proposal Short Form for grants $100,000 or less

  • Complete the Pre-Proposal Concept Form for grants $100,001 or more
  • STEP 3 The Pre-Proposal Approval Routing approved by immediate supervisor, Dean, Vice President.
  • STEP 4 Refine project design and begin writing full proposal with input of all grant participants.
  • STEP 5 Write the grant proposal if you receive authorization to do so.
  • STEP 6 The grant proposal undergoes review:
    • Human Resources reviews hiring procedures, job descriptions and salary
    • The grants accountant reviews the budget, sustainability, in-kind, and match
    • The grants office reviews the entire proposal
    • Your supervisor reviews the entire proposal
    • After the review, make any necessary changes to the application
  • STEP 7 
President Muse signs the completed application.
  • STEP 8 
Submit the completed proposal to the funding entity.