Externally Funded Grants and Contracts Committee (EFGCC)


Function: The committee will serve as a district-wide voice ensuring the college and its students receive the maximum benefit from its efforts to secure external funding to support the mission and goals of Hinds Community College. Responsibilities of the committee will include:

  1. To study and make recommendations for policy and procedures relative to grants submission and approval.
  2. To promote awareness and encourage faculty and staff participation in the securing of external funding to support the college mission and annual initiatives.
  3. To review and make recommendations to the college President and Board of Trustees regarding submission of grant applications and acceptance of grant funds.
  4. To serve on various and ad hoc committees that will provide leadership in determining optimum opportunities for seeking external funding.


Chairperson: TBD - District - 601.857.3751

Raymond Campus

Vice President for Advancement - Randall Harris - District - 601.857.3889

Vice President for Business Services - Russell Shaw - District - 601.857.3961

Grants Accountant - Myra McLendon - District - 601.857.3843

Foundation Coordinator of Special Projects/Donor Relations - Tracy Morgan - District - 601.857.3800

Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness - Carley Dear – District - 601.857.3357

Associate Vice President of Student Services and Dean of Students for Raymond Campus - Dr. Tyrone Jackson - 601.857.3232

Jackson Campus-Nursing/Allied Health Center

Dean, Nursing/Allied Health Center - Dr. Libby Mahaffey - 601.376.4950

Rankin Campus

Vice President for Rankin Campus/Director of Occupational Programs - Dr. Norman Sessions - 601.936.5555

Dean, Student Affairs - Kashanta Jackson - 601.936.5552

Dean, Post-Secondary Career/Technical - Sherry Franklin - 601.936.5550

Jackson Campus Academic/Technical Center

Dean - Dr. Leroy Levy - 601.987.8103

Academic Dean - Dr. Shakira Cain-Bell - 601.987.8109

Assistant Dean - Angela Griffin - 601.987.8162

Utica Campus/Vicksburg-Warren Campus

Academic Dean - Dr. Marquise Loving - 601.885.7003

Title III Coordinator - Dr. Mitchell Shears - 601.885.7024

Dean, Vicksburg-Warren Campus - Marvin Moak - 601.629.6804

Faculty Representatives

Utica Campus - Mathematics Instructor - Daniel Fuller - 601.885.7097

Jackson Campus - Academic/Technical Center - TBD

Rankin Campus - Marketing Management Technology Instructor - David Rose - 601.936.5579