Honors Advantages

If you enroll in the Honors Program, you can enjoy many advantages.

Small Class Size

Honors Classes typically enroll 15-20 students who are engaged in the subject matter. Classes provide freedom for lively discussion, an assortment of hands-on activities, and opportunities to read and write at advanced levels.

Top Teaching Faculty

Experienced members of the Hinds Community College teaching faculty, known for excellence in the classroom as well as in their academic fields, make up the Honors Faculty. These professors especially enjoy working with the top students at Hinds.

Specialized Advising

In the Honors Program, you’ll have your own counselor who works in the Honors Center to provide program members individualized attention. Also, twice each semester, the Honors Center Director will meet with you in individualized advising and guidance counseling sessions. You’ll also benefit from the contacts that Honors Center personnel have cultivated with the four-year colleges and universities in the state.

Priority Enrollment

As an Honors student, you may register for classes a week earlier than the regular student population, assuring success in scheduling all the classes you will need.

Honors Study Center

In the Honors Center you can sit with your laptop and log onto our free WI-FI connection. In addition to quiet areas for study, you’ll also find a lounge where you can grab a Coke and a bite to eat as well as couches where you can sit and talk to your buddies or set up small study group sessions.


When you graduate from the Honors Program, you earn regalia to wear at graduation and a special seal for your Hinds Community College diploma. Also, you are invited to a special Honors Awards Ceremony where you recognize your faculty mentor, and we celebrate your academic achievements. Honors Program members who meet all criteria are invited to join the honor society for the two-year college, Phi Theta Kappa.

Cultural Events and Travel

If you enjoy music, art, and literature, then you’ll enjoy the special activities that the Honors Program organizes each semester. Over the past few years, Honors students have traveled to conferences in exciting cities across the United States, including Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Dallas, to name just a few. Also, you’ll have first priority for international study scholarships as an Honors Program member.

An Opportunity to Give Back

The Honors Center organizes community service events for Honors Program members each semester. This is your opportunity to give back to your college and larger local communities. Also, these experiences benefit you directly since many employers and scholarship committees now look for community service on your résumé.

Scholarship Opportunities

Even though you might be receiving an ACT, Development Foundation, or athletic scholarship from Hinds, you can stack an Honors Program scholarship with your other offers and earn money while you study. Also, you will become more competitive for scholarship offers provided to transfer students in the four-year colleges and universities.


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