Student Responsibilities

Students will be required to do the following

  • Complete the “Healthy At Hinds” training in Canvas. This training is placed as the first module in all canvas shells.
  • Complete this training during the first week of their first course, including the acknowledgement that the training has been completed and that the student will abide by the guidelines.

Self-check temperature

All students should self-check their temperature before coming on campus or going to class each day. Any student who has an elevated temperature or exhibits the symptoms of COVID-19 as outlined by the Center for Disease Control should do the following:

Positive COVID-19 Tests and/or Direct Contact

Any student who tests positive for COVID-19, or comes in direct contact with someone who has tested positive, should do the following:

  • Complete the Healthy At Hinds Self Reporting Form
  • Self-quarantine for 10 days and return provided you are symptom free for 72 hours
  • Refrain from returning to a Hinds campus or class until given permission by the Dean of Students office.

Fully Vaccinated Individuals

  • If an individual is fully vaccinated and is exposed to someone who has tested positive, no quarantine or COVID-19 test will be required if they are asymptomatic.
  • Students who have been fully vaccinated no longer have to be tested before checking into residence halls.