Facilities Maintenance

As part of the safety protocol for facilities, the following measures are being taken:

  • Cleaning of facilities and frequently touched surfaces and areas will be increased and performed routinely throughout the day.
  • All facilities will be fogged with a peroxide-based cleaner routinely.
  • Access to any contaminated area will be restricted for a minimum of eight to 12 hours. Disinfecting and a deep cleaning of the area will be performed prior to the area being reopened.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed throughout each campus.
  • The college is taking action to encourage social distancing through signage, spacing in classrooms, public areas and other high traffic areas. Public, gathering spaces on campus will be marked for social distancing or closed altogether.
  • Water fountains will be covered and marked “do not use.” Touchless bottle filler water stations are acceptable and will be available.
  • Vending machines will remain available for students and employees and will be cleaned regularly.
  • Elevators capacity will be limited to two passengers at any time.