Beginning freshmen who are pursuing academic or technical programs may be admitted on one of the following bases:

1. Graduated high school with a regular diploma

2. Earned a GED diploma

3. Did not graduate high school but has one (1) unit less that the number of units required for high school graduation with their class.

The following are required for beginning freshmen students pursuing academic or technical degrees:

1. Submit an Application for Admission.

2. Submit an official high school transcript or submit an official GED transcript with passing scores. Official transcripts are those transcripts that come directly from the high school or GED office to the Admissions Office. The transcript should be mailed or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope and must not be stamped "issued to student." Official transcripts must bear the signature of the appropriate school official, the institution's seal, and a graduation date, if applicable.

3. Submit official ACT scores (typically on the high school transcript). Students who have no ACT on file at the time of his/her initial enrollment may substitute the ACCUPLACER test to satisfy the general admissions requirements. This must be done prior to registering.