Returning Students

Former Hinds Community College students not in attendance during the semester (not including summer term) prior to the one to which they seek admission or those students who withdrew during the preceding semester must complete an application for admission.

Transfer Students

To be eligible for admission to Hinds Community College, a transfer student must fulfill the following:

  1. File an application for admission.
  2. File an official transcript from the previous state or regionally accredited college. An official transcript is one mailed directly to the Office of Admissions from the former high school or college bearing the school seal and must not be stamped "ISSUED TO STUDENT".
  3. Be eligible for immediate readmission to the college last attended.

When high school and/or college records no longer exist on a student, he/she may bring the original high school or college diploma to the District Registrar at the District Admissions Office on the Raymond Campus to determine if such can be accepted in lieu of a transcript.

Transfer students will enter Hinds Community College under the same admissions basis as the college last attended.

Courses and credit will be accepted up to 46 semester hours at face value as they correspond to the curriculum of Hinds Community College, provided they are earned at a state and/or regionally accredited institution.

Transient Students

Transfer students who wish to attend a summer session at Hinds Community College and then re-enter the college last attended the next regular session may do so by:

  1. Filing an application for admission and
  2. Submitting an official transcript from a state or regionally accredited college in the District Office of Admissions and Records.

Students should also secure permission from the dean of the school to which they will return to ensure that the earned credit from Hinds Community College will be accepted.