Web registration offers a convenient and accessible way for you to register for classes.

You qualify for Web registration if you meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Have a completed admissions application and test scores (ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER) on file,
  2. Have no restrictions (financial, disciplinary, etc.),
  3. Have been advised prior to your first semester of enrollment, and
  4. Have a valid email address on file.

In order to utilize Web registration, you must know how to access My.Hinds.

Registration Procedure

  1. Advisement: You must be advised by a counselor or advisor before your first semester of enrollment.

a. The counselor or advisor will provide you with a plan of study that lists the classes you are advised to take.

b. After your first semester of enrollment, you are not required to see a counselor or advisor to register for future semesters. You are encouraged, however, to seek advisement if you change your program of study (major), do not successfully complete the courses for which you register, or have questions about your program of study.

2. Registration: When Registration opens, you may register from any internet connection.

Note: If you are on academic probation, you must enroll in LLS 1413 (Improvement of Study) unless you have already passed the course, are prescribed and enrolled in a developmental reading course, or are taking less than seven hours. Non-transitional students on probation may not enroll in more than 16 hours during a fall or spring term including LLS 1413. If you don’t have to take LLS 1413 because you have already passed the course or because you are enrolled in a developmental reading course, you are restricted to taking no more than 13 hours.

How to Register

1. Log in to My.Hinds. You must click on “Log In” at the top right and enter your username and password in order to register for classes.

2. Choose “Students” as your point of entry on the right.

3. Choose "Update My Intent" and choose the option most appropriate for you. Click submit.

4. Click “Register for Classes.” This is the second option under the Registration sub-menu.

5. Click on “Search and Register for Classes.”

6. Click “OK.” Several options are now available for you to choose.

a. Term. Select from one of the terms available. Select the subject you are looking for, and enter the four-digit Course Number. You can enter up to 5 subjects at a time. You should choose from the subjects listed on your plan of study given by your advisor. Leave “Course Level” blank.

b. Campus. Not selecting a campus will display all classes at all locations.

7. Click on “Submit” to display the results of your search.

8. Check the box of the course or courses you want to take and click “Submit.”

9. Select the “Action” desired of the classes selected. If “Register” is selected for each course, click “Submit” to register for all. A list of all the classes you have registered for will display on the screen.

10. Click “OK” to exit.

11. View or print your schedule from the screen display by going back to the Main Menu and clicking on “Students.” That will take you to the Student Menu Screen.

12. Click on “My Class Schedule” found in the Academic Profile submenu.

13. Select the Term you want to view or print. Your schedule will be displayed on the screen for viewing or printing.

14. Click on Account Summary by Term under Financial Information to see charges that exist for classes, financial aid, payments due, etc.

15. Payment of Fees: You may pay your fees online at My.Hinds using your credit card. All fees are due 10 days before classes begin (or at the time of registration if registering within 10 days of classes starting).

Note: If you have not paid your fees in full, entered into a payment plan with the college, or been approved for financial aid by the due date, you will be withdrawn from all your classes.

How to Pay Online

Log into My.Hinds. Click on the Students Menu. Look under the Financial Information heading and click on “Make a Payment.”

Enter the payment amount and the payment type (Visa or MasterCard) and click Submit.