Picking Up Your Cap and Gown

Pick up your cap and gown at the campus you indicated on your application. Caps and gowns not picked up at the campus locations by the deadline can be picked up at your designated location on the day of the ceremony. Hang up your gown so the wrinkles will fall out. Be sure to bring all parts with you to the ceremony – cap, gown, tassel, velvet stole, and any approved honor society stoles you may have acquired.

Instructions for the Day of Graduation


  • Please note that only official Hinds Community College graduation attire shall be worn.  Official graduation attire is that attire sanctioned by the college to be worn during graduation commencement exercises. Attire from national honor organizations, such as Phi Theta Kappa, is an example of approved attire.
  • Your graduation cap should be worn flat on the top of your head with the tassel placed to the right, front side of the cap until your degree is conferred.
  • You should report in proper attire, which includes dress clothes and dress shoes.
  • Please do not wear corsages.
  • Men, you should remove your graduation caps for the invocation and benediction.

When to Report

  • There is no rehearsal for the commencement exercises. Therefore, unless otherwise specified, you must report at least thirty minutes prior to your assigned commencement exercise. You must be on time or you will not be allowed to march in the commencement.

Special Assistance

  • Graduates requiring special assistance should contact the District Admissions Office at 601.857.3212 to arrange special accommodations. A Hinds staff member will be available to assist guests with special needs.

Personal Belongings

  • Purses, cell phones, and other personal belongings should be left with family members or guests. You will not be allowed to take these items into the ceremony.

Walking Across the Stage

  • When you walk across the stage, you will hand a card to a reader announcing your name. A vice president will be presenting students with a 3.2 or higher cumulative GPA with an honor cord. Another vice president will hand you a diploma cover, shake your hand, and say “Congratulations.” Please look at the vice president, say “Thank You,” and continue off the stage to your row and wait for the signal to be seated.
  • You and your guests are encouraged to agree upon a meeting place outside of the building after the ceremony for family pictures and fellowship (weather permitting). The lobby area will be very crowded.


  • There will be a photographer available before and after the ceremony for formal cap and gown pictures. The photographer will also be taking pictures of you as you receive your diploma cover on stage during the ceremony. You will be contacted by the photographer within a few days of the graduation via e-mail. This photographer is not affiliated with Hinds Community College.
  • After taking pictures with family and/or the graduation photographer, please turn in your cap and gown where you checked in. You will receive your diploma at that time. If there is an error in spelling or degree, please return to the room where you checked in so that we may reprint your diploma after making the correction.

Live Stream

  • Hinds Community College is proud to announce the live stream of our commencement exercises. High speed internet access is required for viewing. Click here for instructions for viewing the live stream. Please share this information with family and friends who may be unable to attend the ceremony. Hinds Community College is proud of your accomplishments and we take great joy in sharing this celebration with as many virtual guests as possible.