International Tuition & Fees

Estimated Total Costs

Expenses are estimated on a 9 month basis, and total costs for room, food, books, etc., are estimated at $15,410. Minimum changes in fees for all students may occur after enrollment. Summer school attendance is optional for the student. If a student is planning to live on campus, he/she should send in the application for housing along with the housing deposit at least four months prior to the anticipated arrival date. Students choosing to reside in campus housing should be aware that the college is not located in a metropolitan area, and the housing facilities are not open between semesters or during official holidays. It is the responsibility of the international student to make his/her own arrangements for other housing during those times.

Education in the United States is expensive, and it is seldom true that one can earn his/her way or obtain financial support upon arrival. Due to strict immigration regulations concerning employment, an international student may not expect to work to earn any part of his/her expenses.

Hinds Community College does not offer any form of financial aid or scholarships to international students. Fees are due at the time of registration. Students are required to purchase health and repatriation insurance upon arrival on the campus unless they provide proof of comparable coverage at registration.

Estimated Yearly Expenses

Description Per Semester Per Year (2 Semesters) Summer Term (Optional)
Registration Fee $50 $100 $50
Full-time Tuition (out-of-state) $2,960 $5,920 $2,960
Room & Board (19 meals per week) $2,500 $5,000 $1,205
Health & Repatriation Insurance $620 $1,240 $620
Living Expenses $900 $1,800 $600
Books (estimated) $500 $1,000 $500
Technology Fee $50 $100 $50
International Student Fee $125 $250 $125
Total $7,705 $15,410 $6,030


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Financial Aid
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F: 601-857-3539

Business Office
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