To be eligible for admission to Hinds Community College, adult learners with some college coursework must fulfill the following:

1. File an application for admission in the District Office of Admissions and Records.

2. Submit an official transcript from the last college attended that is NOT stamped “issued to student.” The transcript must be from a state and regionally accredited college. Courses and credit up to 46 semester hours (or the equivalent thereof - one quarter hour is equivalent to .67 semester hours) will be accepted as they correspond to the curriculum of Hinds Community College, provided they are earned at a state and regionally accredited institution. Courses from institutions that are not state and regionally accredited may be accepted after a review by the Registrar with the appropriate department chairperson. In order for the courses to be accepted, the review must find the following: The course syllabus identifies precisely associated content and is aligned with content contained in a very closely associated course at Hinds Community College, and the Faculty credentials associated with the course meet the standard set for Hinds Community College faculty. For transfer work from institutions that are not state and regionally accredited, the student bears the responsibility to provide from the transferring institution to the Registrar’s office the following before a review of the course(s) will be conducted:

  • The course syllabus
  • The appropriate catalog page which describes the course, and 
  • The official faculty credentials to the instructor of the course to be transferred. Hinds Community College reserves the right to verify faculty credentials from other institutions prior to accepting transfer work. 

A student must complete at least 25 percent of their semester hours at Hinds in order to graduate. Developmental courses cannot be transferred into Hinds Community College, but may be used for placement purposes.

3. Submit official ACT scores if not on college transcript or if the transcript does not show successful completion of college level courses in English and Mathematics. Students who have not successfully completed college level courses in English and Mathematics are subject to mandatory placement and will be required to take placement tests if their ACT scores are not on file at HCC. Residual ACT test scores taken at another institution will not be accepted at Hinds.

4. When high school and/or college records NO LONGER EXIST on a student, he/she may bring the ORIGINAL high school or college diploma to the District Registrar at the District Admission Office on the Raymond Campus to determine if such can be accepted in lieu of a transcript.

Transfer students who were placed on suspension and are not eligible for immediate readmission to the last school they attended are not eligible for admission to HCC. Transfer students who were academically dismissed from the last school they attended, have sat out the required number of semesters, and are eligible for immediate readmission may be admitted to HCC on academic probation. Transfer students who were placed on academic probation after their last semester will be admitted to HCC on academic probation.