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Dual Enrollment

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What people are saying about dual enrollment at Hinds Community College

"We feel dual enrollment has been very beneficial to our students. They are very prepared for college when they leave us because of their experience with Hinds."

- Jayme Sullivan, Counselor at Northwest Rankin High School

At Northwest Rankin, two college level courses, College Algebra and English Composition I, are taught after school on the high school campus.


"I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any school wanting to enhance their seniors' high school experience."

- Robyn Winstead, High School Principal at East Rankin Academy

At East Rankin Academy, students can earn 12 hours of college credit during their senior year. About 25 East Rankin Academy seniors are dually enrolled in Hinds Community College classes such as English Comp I, English Comp II, College Algebra and Trigonometry.

Important things to know about Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit

If you are a high school student looking to jump start your college career, then you can get ahead at Hinds through Dual Enrollment. So, give yourself some credit and get some college credit now. There are a few things to keep in mind before deciding to participate, like...

  • While dual enrolled, you are earning real college credit that will appear on your college transcripts and transfer to other colleges and universities. So, take it seriously, and do your best!
  • Dual enrolled students and Dual Credit students are subject to the same policies and guidelines as all other Hinds students. This means things like attendance policy, grading scale, etc. Check out the HCC student handbook for the full scoop.
  • Dual Enrollment does not affect scholarship OR athletic eligibility.

  • Tuition and other fees apply to Dual Enrolled students taking classes on a Hinds campus or in a Hinds online class. Tuition and fees are due by a specified deadline each semester, or a payment plan must be set up by this time.
  • For high school students taking Hinds courses on their high school campus for dual credit, tuition is free! However, students must pay a $100 non-refundable dual credit fee and purchase the college textbook if not provided by their high school.
  • Your college transcript will not be released unless your balance is paid in full. Transcripts are also not released without proof of completion of a high school diploma.

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  • What is Dual Enrollment?
  • Why Dual Enrollment?
  • How it's different from AP courses
  • Admission Requirements
  • What's next?

A dual enrolled student is a student who is enrolled in college while still enrolled in high school. Any high school student who meets dual enrollment admission requirements may participate. The student will first gain admission to the college, then be advised by a Hinds counselor who will help the student choose appropriate classes that fit around their high school schedule. Classes may be taken in day, evening, or online on any one of Hinds 6 campuses. Normal tuition and fees apply.

Dual Enrollment allows you to…

  • Earn transferable college credit from an accredited institution while still in high school

  • Ease into college classes now and have a smooth transition into college after you graduate

  • Reduce the number of college classes you'll have to take after high school graduation

  • Save money - earn college credit at HCC for a lot less than at a four-year university

AP (Advanced Placement) courses are high school courses designed to prepare students for college-level course work. Students take an exam upon completion of an AP course. The score on that exam determines if a student will receive any AP college credit in that subject. Dual enrollment courses are college courses in which a high school student enrolls. Upon completion of the course they will have widely transferable college credits on a college transcript. College credits do not depend on the score of an end-of-course exam; they are automatically awarded.

Submit the following:

  1. Application for Admission to Hinds Community College

  2. Official high school transcript verifying the completion of at least 10 core units

  3. Official ACT score or take the ACCUPLACER test

  4. Unconditional, signed letter of recommendation from high school principal or counselor

For a basic Dual Enrolled student, your next step after submitting the above requirements is to see a Hinds counselor. They will advise you on the best classes for you to take according to your ACT or placement test scores. After registering for classes, you will incur a balance. Tuition and fees are due by a specified deadline each semester, or you may enter into a payment plan.


For a Dual Credit student who attends a high school with a Dual Credit agreement with Hinds, your high school counselor will assist you with submitting the necessary admission documents and advise you on the college courses being taught at your high school. Your school will advise you on how to obtain our textbook. Tuition and fees are due by a specified deadline each semester.