Overall Intramural Points Champion, otherwise know as the Eagle Cup Champion, is decided by the team that receives the most points from competing in all the intramural sports. Each sport is worth a certain point total for 1st through 5th place. There are 4 categories the sports are split into: Big Ones, Mid-Size, Scramble/Small Team, and Individual. The larger the sport the more points that it is worth towards the Eagle Cup.

As the year progresses the points add up and the team with the most points at the end of the year in the men's and women's division will be crowned "Eagle Cup Champion."

The winning team will have their name placed on the "Eagle Cup Trophy" (which resides in the Student Recreation office), receive their own "Eagle Cup" as well as special t-shirts to commemorate their win as Eagle Cup Champion.

  • Men's Standings
  • Women's Standings