Associated Student Government


The Associated Student Government shall act as an organized voice for all students of the Hinds Community College, to effectively represent students in the college decision and policy making process and to provide a broad educational experience for students, while promoting citizenship on campus and in the greater community.  In doing so, ASG knowingly and responsibly recognizes the students’ roles in the shared governance of the intuition.

What does ASG do?

ASG represents student issues and ideas, supports campus safety, provide educational, social and political programming for students, strive to improve student relations, and provide opportunities for students to have a great college experience by getting involved.   An active ASG is offered at all six campuses; Raymond, Rankin, Utica and Vicksburg campuses offer ASG Leadership classes that carry one hour of college credit. ASG meets once a week; contact advisor listed below or search for LEA 1811 classes. Meetings of the ASG are led by the officers and the instructor/advisor(s).


So, why should you join a campus ASG?

1. To influence decisions to improve campus experiences and opportunities

2. To give your opinion on changes you would like to see or help implement on campus

3. To participate in community service projects on and off campus

4. To gain personal and group leadership skills

5. To have fun with fellow students

District ASG

The District Associated Student Government is composed of delegates from each campus senate in which this body meets four times a year and made up of the current presidents and vice presidents of the six student senates.


Qualifications for ASG Senators

  • Must be a fulltime student at Hinds Community College

  • Must maintain a Cumulative GPA of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale

  • Must represent a club or organization or commuters on your campus

  • Must maintain a record with no disciplinary actions

ASG Standing Committees

  • Community Service Committee (S.E.R.V.E.)

    The duties of the committee members will be to plan and coordinate community service events for the ASG class on and outside of campus.  Members of this committee are to encourage all senators to be involved in their community and these projects.


    Habitat for Humanity
    Heart WALK
    Community Stewpot
    Tutoring at Raymond Elementary

  • Student Activities Committee (S.A.C.)

    The duties of the Committee members consist of the programming portion of the Associated Student Government. SAC provides social, recreational, and cultural activities to enhance student life on campus. This includes the setting up and taking down of any activities/events as needed by the director.


    Hinds Has Talent

  • TrafficBehavior Appeals Committee

    The duties of the committee members will be to hear student appeals on parking citations and to make a ruling based on the rules and regulations in the Student Handbook. This committee may also be used to identify and study and traffic/behavior problems that may be occurring on campus.

    Note: Members are required to have Wednesday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. open to hear student appeals in the Dean of Students Office.

  • Public Relations Committee

    The priority of the Public relations Committee is the recruitment of ASG members.  The committee is responsible for the organization of ASG intramural teams, contacting clubs about sending representatives, creating and ordering ASG t-shirts, proofreading ASG articles for the Hindsonian, and for informing the Student Body of ASG endeavors. 

Campus Advisors

If you are interested in ASG, call a campus advisor for more information.



Jackson Campus: Academic/Technical Center

Shivochie L. Dinkins, Advisor

Jermeika Burks, Co-Advisor

Nursing and Allied Health Center

Mr. Nathan Booth
NAHC Counselor  

Ms. Audrey Murray
ADN Instructor
Anderson Hall 235

Rankin Campus

Dean Kashanta Jackson
Dean of Student Affairs

Raymond Campus

Dr. Tyrone Jackson
Denton Hall 229

Ms. Vanda Brumfield
Moss Hall 223

Mr. DeAndre Hall
Denton Hall

Mr. Keith Williams
Denton Hall

Utica Campus

Dr. Timothy Rush
Walter Washington Hall 132

Mr. Eugene Brown
Student Activities Director

Vicksburg/Warren Campus

Mr. Bryan McCachren
Banks Administration Building