Veterans Affairs

The Office of Veterans Affairs is available to assist all eligible veterans and dependents in making application for benefits. Academic, technical and career courses are open (unless otherwise specified in program description) to students in either of the above categories. Every effort is made to facilitate admission into the student's choice of training programs.

All Veterans Administration programs under the G.l. Bill may be initiated in Room 101 of the Administration Building, Raymond Campus. For additional information call 601.857.­3226.


Students who plan to receive veterans benefits must satisfy the college's admission requirements as outlined in the Admission Requirements section BEFORE being certified to the Veterans Administration Regional Office. In addition, ALL transcripts from schools previously attended must be furnished in order to comply with the Regulations of the Department of Veterans Benefits.

Download our College Catalog for a complete description of Admissions Requirements. You can also download our application form and transcript request form from the Forms section of our Download page.

Changing of Programs

Students receiving veterans benefits must at all times have a definite program declared with the Office of Veterans Affairs and be enrolled in courses leading to completion of the designated program. Programs can never be changed without prior approval of the Office of Veterans Affairs and the Veterans Administration.


All veterans benefits recipients are required to see a college counselor to plan their course of study prior to the beginning of each enrollment period.

Each student must have a signed Veterans Benefits Recipient Program Planning Sheet from his/her counselor for EACH enrollment period. The student must also sign the Program Planning Sheet acknowledging the course recommended by the counselor.

Credit for Service Training

Educational work done by veterans while in active service is evaluated and credit given when possible. The recommendation of the American Council on Education in its handbook, Guide To The Evaluation Of Educational Experiences In the Armed Services, is used as a guide for the evaluation of all military credit.

Probation and Suspension

Students receiving veterans benefits are expected to maintain the same standards of satisfactory progress as all other students receiving financial aid. See Policy on Satisfactory Scholastic Progress for Recipients of Federally Funded Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits in Section III of the College Catalog.

Exceptions from the Policy on Satisfactory Scholastic Progress for Recipients of Federally Funded Financial Aid and Veterans Benefits are as follows:

    "W"'s will not be used in calculating the number of semester hours attempted for the purpose of determining eligibility to receive veterans benefits.

    Veterans benefits recipients may attempt additional hours beyond the 90 semester hours allowed in the policy without completing a degree, as long as they file a Change of Program form with the Office of Veterans Affairs and are maintaining satisfactory scholastic progress.

    Veterans benefits recipients may pursue the allotted number of degrees as outlined by the Veterans Administration.

NOTE: Policies stated for veterans comply with regulations 14253, 14277, 14278, Department of Veterans Benefits.

Changing Enrollment Status

Students receiving veterans benefits may not drop any course or stop attending any class without prior approval of the Office of Veterans Affairs and without executing formal drop/withdrawal procedures as outlined in the College Catalog. Students who fail to comply with this regulation will be liable for repayment of any resulting overpayments.