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Radio and Television Production

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Radio and Television Technology students work in studio

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Program Description:

Radio and Television Production and Broadcasting Technology is a postsecondary program that prepares individuals to work in a variety of broadcasting media. Possible careers include: announcers, broadcasting control, editing, and other various technical positions. Course content develops communications leadership, human relations, employment skills; and teaches safe and efficient work practices. Students learn programming and copy preparation, as well as announcing and moderating of programs. Additionally, students learn the operation of radio/television broadcasting equipment to support broadcast managers in the production of materials used in broadcasting; and the use of those materials or programs in the radio/television format.The program offers three options: a Career Certificate, a Technical Certificate, and an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Career Certificate

MDT 1214 - Broadcast Writing 4 SH
MDT 1244 - Principles of Mass Communication 4 SH
MDT 1314 - Fundamentals of Television Production 4 SH
MDT 1413 - Principles of Audio Production 3 SH
MDT 2314 - Intermediate Television Production 4 SH
MDT 2414 - Basic Editing 4 SH
MDT 2434 - Advanced Editing 4 SH
CPT 1324 - Survey of Microcomputer Applications 4 SH
**Completion Award: Career Certificate in Radio and Television Production and Broadcasting Technology 30 SH

Technical Certificate

MDT 1423 - Advanced Audio Production 3 SH
MDT 2114 - Broadcasting Announcing 4 SH
MDT 2213 - Station Administration 3 SH
MDT 2334 - Advanced Television Production 4 SH
MDT 2911 - Special Projects 1 SH
**Completion Award: Technical Certificate in Radio and Television Production and Broadcast Technology 45 SH

Associate of Applied Science

ENG 1113 - English Composition I 3 SH
SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I 3 SH OR
SPT 2173 - Interpersonal Communication 3 SH
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3 SH
Humanities/Fine Arts Elective 3 SH
Mathematics/Science Elective 3-4 SH
(MAT-1313 or higher OR any Laboratory Science)

**Completion Award: Associate in Applied Science Degree in Radio and Television Production and Broadcasting Technology 60-61 SH

**Additional Graduation Requirements: Any student (first-time, transfer, and part-time) who begins at Hinds Fall 2007 and later will be required to take LLS 1312/RST 1312 -Orientation course in order to graduate from the College. Exception: Orientation credit (1-3 hrs) transferred to Hinds from another college will satisfy our orientation requirement.

A CPAS review course and exam are required to graduate from this program.