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Agribusiness Management Technology

The Agribusiness Management program is designed to provide students with training in a variety of agriculture related areas concerning the economic interrelationships of individuals, firms and service agencies that are affected by the agriculture sector of the economy. The Agribusiness Management program prepares students to enter a broad range of jobs related to the management of agricultural enterprises and the marketing and sales of agriculture supplies and products. The program involves both technical and academic courses, with provisions for related activities along with on-the-job training and internships. Students will apply business and economic principles, along with problem solving and decision making skills, to farming enterprises and related industries.

Emphasis is placed on plant, animal, and soil sciences, along with training in management techniques in production, marketing, and sales. The program also relies upon computer agricultural business simulations.

Precision Agriculture

Recent developments in un-manned aircraft, entomology, plant pathology, and weed science in conjunction with advanced technologies such as remote sensing, global positioning, geographic information systems, and variable rate technology are dynamically influencing agricultural productivity.  Implementation of these technologies can greatly improve environmental quality by reducing the volume of agricultural chemicals applied.  The emergence of these technologies has increased the demand for technically trained workers in the field of precision agriculture. The Precision Agriculture program offers education and hands-on training in spatial information systems, remote sensing, GNSS Data Collection, Crop Management Zones, among other agriculture-related studies.

Poultry Production

The Animal Science Technology Poultry Production option is designed to provide a student with basic skills needed to pursue a variety of agriculture careers.  These skills include poultry management, agribusiness management, basic maintenance technology, and human relations.  Specific jobs may include farm managers, agribusiness managers, agriculture supply representatives, equipment sales, poultry sales, chemical sales, research assistants, soil conservation technicians, food processing supervisors and other entry level management positions.


All agriculture related program are offered in Raymond, MS at T. H. Kendall, III Agricultural Complex. We invite you to visit! To schedule an appointment or tour of our Ag Complex, please call 601.857.3334 or 601.857.3792.

Certificates and Degrees

All three agriculture programs offer stackable credentials. In just one year, students may receive a Career Certificate and be ready for employment in their field. Students also have the option to pursue additional coursework to complete a Technical Certificate and Associate of Applied Science Degree.

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