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Academic Programs

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Academic Programs

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Academic core courses and electives may be taken for college transfer or for an Associate of Arts Degree (AA). Academic courses are easily transferred to 4-year colleges and universities. The completion of 62 hours of a designated program of study and graduation from Hinds waives the general education curriculum of 30 hours at any MS four-year public institution.

Academic Programs Senior College Transfer 2016-2017 Articulation Agreement

Hinds Community College offers course work to complete the first two years of most baccalaureate programs of study. Listed below are just some of the baccalaureate programs which an academic student may pursue at Hinds. Students who plan to enter Mississippi public universities or four-year colleges should be aware of the transfer requirements that may apply in individual cases. These requirements vary with ACT scores, high school preparation, and high school GPA.

An academic student may earn an Associate in Arts Degree (AA) in either of two ways: (1) complete an academic program of study listed in this catalog -OR- (2) complete the first two years of any baccalaureate program of study found in any four-year college or university catalog which has become effective since the student began his/her college studies. Although one may pursue an AA degree in a specific area, the diploma issued by Hinds Community College will read “Associate in Arts Degree” with no reference to a major.

Generally one-half of the hours required for a bachelor’s degree may be transferred from a community college and applied to that degree at a four-year institution. Hinds Community College maintains a close working relationship with all Mississippi senior institutions to insure that all academic courses which are intended to transfer will do so. Individual articulation agreements are maintained with selected colleges as well as a formal overall Articulation Agreement between the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and the Mississippi Community College Board, outlining over 160 articulated programs of study. Articulation agreements may be found at http://www.mississippi.edu/oasa/articulation_agreement.asp