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Percussion Studio

The percussion studio at Hinds Community College offers great experience in ensembles and private lessons. Percussion lessons are taught by Paul Heindl and Bud Berthold. Private lessons include teaching in the areas of mallets, drum set, timpani and snare drum. The curriculum is developed through understanding of what is required at all the four year state universities. Also offered in the area of percussion is the percussion ensemble. The percussion ensemble at Hinds consists of music majors and occasionally non-majors. This group is focused on learning and performing old and new percussion literature that is both challenging and exciting. Hinds Community College has made major investments to the percussion studio recently with new instruments and music. The percussion studio now includes 4 marimbas (including 1 five octave), 4 vibraphones, 3 xylophones, 3 sets of timpani, 5 drum sets and numerous top of line small percussion instruments. The percussion studio at Hinds is committed to being at the forefront of percussion education and devoted to seeking out new music and new pedagogical and technological ideas in percussion. 

Percussion Majors

If you are interested in majoring in music with a percussion emphasis, please fill out a music major application and contact Paul Heindl to set up an appointment. Prospective students are welcomed to a free lesson and tour of the facilities and equipment.

Audition Requirements for Percussion Majors

  • Submit a Music Major Application
  • Snare solo
  • Mallet solo
  • All rudiments and scales
  • Sight reading

Students who wish to major in music should contact Paul Heindlto schedule an audition appointment. Please keep in mind that instructors may not be available for summer appointments. Please call when scheduling appointments outside the regular fall and spring semesters.

In addition, students must schedule an audition appointment with the Band Department. Please visit www.hindscc.edu/band to fill out a band application. Auditions for music major and band scholarships may be scheduled for the same day and time. Audition requirements are the same.