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Low Brass Studio

The Hinds Community College Low Brass studio is under the direction of Tracy Crosby. Ms. Crosby, a trombonist, works privately with all trombone, euphonium and tuba majors, as well as low brass non-majors who wish to learn more about their instrument. A low brass ensemble is also organized each semester and can include non-majors that audition and are accepted.

A copy of the Low Brass Handbook is available here. All information about studio policies, attendance, juries, recitals and other procedures are listed in the handbook.

Freshmen majors are required to audition. Please call the studio to set up a time for audition. Ms Crosby does not teach during the summer months, so, if you wish to set an appointment during that time please call Betty Rhines in the music office at 601.857.3271.

Freshman majors are encouraged to audition in the spring semester before enrollment to Hinds Community College. Music scholarships are available in addition to any band, academic or other scholarships you may receive.

Audition Requirements for Low Brass Majors

  • Submit a Music Major Application
  • A solo with contrasting styles or 2 etudes of contrasting styles
  • All major scales
  • Chromatic Scale
  • Sight Reading
  • Students who wish to major in music should contact Tracy Crosby to schedule an audition appointment. Please keep in mind that instructors may not be available for summer appointments. Please call when scheduling appointments outside the regular fall and spring semesters.

In addition, students must schedule an audition appointment with the Band Department. Please visit www.hindscc.edu/band to fill out a band application. Auditions for music major and band scholarships may be scheduled for the same day and time. Audition requirements are the same.