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English & Modern Foreign Languages


Effective communication is the beginning and the end of true education. By listening, evaluating, speaking, reading, and writing, we build connections between ourselves and our world. The English instructors at Hinds are dedicated to working with the students of varying abilities and experiences entering our classes every semester.

Our department prepares students to meet the challenges of business, industry and academia.

Important Forms
MLA Punctuation Guide
Freshman Course Sequence
Writing Course Requirements

Developmental English Courses:
ENG 0113—Beginning English & Reading
ENG 0123—Intermediate English & Reading

English Composition I and II:

ENG 1113—English Composition I
ENG 1113 HONORS Composition I
ENG 1123—English Composition II
ENG 1123 HONORS English Composition II

Literature Surveys:

ENG 2223—American Literature I
ENG 2233—American Literature II
ENG 2323—English Literature I
ENG 2333—English Literature II
ENG 2423—World Literature I
ENG 2433—World Literature II

Modern Foreign Languages:

MFL 1113— French I
MFL 1123— French II
MFL 1213— Spanish I
MFL 1223— Spanish II
MFL 2213— Spanish I
MFL 2223— Spanish II

Other English Courses:

ENG 2133 & 2143—Creative Writing

ENG 2153—Traditional Grammar (offered online only)