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The Hinds Community College Foundation seeks to enhance the educational mission of Hinds Community College by providing a vehicle for private sector support and by increasing community awareness of the programs and services offered by the College. To apply for a Foundation scholarship, click here.

About the Foundation

Established in 1979, the Foundation is a separate tax exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. The 30-member board of directors oversees the Foundation. Board members serve three-year terms, with the College President serving as executive director. The Hinds CC Advancement Office serves as the College’s link to the Foundation.

Even though Hinds benefits from state appropriations, the College has become "state assisted" rather than "state funded," receiving less than 35 percent of its funding from the State of Mississippi this year. Your support of the Hinds CC Foundation helps ensure the success of deserving students by providing them with the funds needed to complete their education.

Many students could not pursue their dreams of a better life without the help of people like you. Your tax-deductible gift can help:

  • Provide scholarships for deserving students
  • Support faculty and staff development
  • Promote cultural enrichment activities for the community
  • Launch new programs or special projects
  • Help build an endowment for the future



Because we are committed to seeing all of our students realize their educational and career goals, providing scholarships for students is the Foundation's top priority. While the Foundation stretches scholarship monies as far as possible, it is more important than ever to secure additional funds from private contributors.

Through a scholarship gift to the Hinds CC Foundation, contributors can actually monitor the progress of a student as he or she benefits from the donation, reaching goals that once seemed unattainable. Providing a Hinds scholarship for a deserving student is also an excellent way to honor or memorialize a loved one, and individual criteria can be matched to the donor’s desires.

Hinds Heroes

Hinds Community College is committed to providing quality service. In an effort to continually offer top-notch service, Hinds Heroes Recognition has been established to recognize members of the Hinds family who have aided you or been a hero to you. Realizing that all employees of Hinds Community College are in a position to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve, the Hinds Heroes Initiative is a program to recognize any employee who is a "hero" in the life of a person. These individuals are rewarded for their efforts to go beyond a job description by being recognized. The program is based on the idea that nominees should be:
Hinds Employees Reflecting Outstanding Exceptional Service.

The recipients below were selected because they encourage, help direct and are diligent in their efforts to come to the aid of those that they come in contact with, whether a colleague, business associate, or student. There are seven various categories of employment that are recognized so that the full spectrum of employees are covered. All customers of the College-students, parents, alumni, businesses, industries, community groups, vendors, colleagues, etc. can play a vital role in recognizing those individuals who truly are heroes.

The Hinds Heroes Award is designed to promote good customer service both internally and externally while continuing to recognize job performance, professionalism, and participation in community service and activities. This is your opportunity to tell us how someone at Hinds CC has helped you. Take a look at our past Recipients.

Has a Hinds employee been a HERO to you? Did they go above and beyond to help you in some manner? Would you like for someone to know about their exceptional service? If yes, nominate them for a Hinds HEROES award. Click the link below and tell us what they did for you.