Not all students receive financial aid disbursements, but if you are awarded more aid than your total balance at Hinds, you will receive a refund. Financial aid that you have been awarded will be available for the payment of your tuition and fees 10 days prior to the first day of the semester. If you have remaining aid after all of your financial aid has been applied to your total balance, then you may use what is left in the Hinds bookstore for the purchase of books and educational supplies. Any aid remaining after purchasing your textbooks and supplies will be disbursed back to you according to the disbursement schedule below.

Fall 2017 Disbursement Dates

September 22, 2017—First Refund
October 20, 2017—Second Refund
November 17, 2017—Third Refund
December 8, 2017—Fourth Refund

Spring 2018 Disbursement Dates

February 16, 2018—First Refund
March 9, 2018—Second Refund 
April 6, 2018—Third Refund
May 4, 2018—Fourth Refund

After tuition and fees are paid in full, remaining aid will be disbursed this way: 

  • Remaining Pell Grant funds are disbursed over the 4 disbursement dates. 
  • Remaining Direct Loan funds are disbursed on the 1st and 2nd disbursement dates. 
  • Remaining Hinds Scholarships are disbursed on the 1st and 2nd disbursement dates. 

Get Started

  • First, you must select your preferred disbursement method: either personal bank account or a Hinds Debit Card.
  • After becoming a student at Hinds, you will receive a letter in the mail from Bank Mobile. Look for a green envelope!
  • This letter will provide you with a personal code and website where you must go to select your disbursement method.
  • Didn't get your green envelope? Call 601-857-3205.